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Aviator Wallet | Gunmetal

Aviator Wallet

The Aviator Wallet is the ultra-compact wallet made of aluminum and designed for those who value security, comfort and quality. The thumb window provides fast access for up to 20 cards and an additional coin compartment offers space for up to 12 coins.

The integrated RFID-Blocker protects all information on EC and credit cards against digital theft. Due to it's small size, the Aviator wallet fits comfortably in any front pocket, which ensures maximum security..

Anodised aluminum gives the aviator a flawless finish and an elegant feel. All 14 components are "Made in Germany" and assembled in our bavarian factory.

Including a lifetime warranty on all aluminum and carbon parts.

  • The quick access
  • Coin Compartment
  • Cash Clip

Access any card in 3 seconds  

The heart of the Aviator Wallet is the inner panel. Here, the outer plate is held by 8 Torx screws and an elastic band which is suspended by two stainless steel bolts in rails. Through these rails, the length of the elastic band can be adjusted and thus the amount of cards which fit the wallet can be determined.

We set the elastic band to your number of cards. This is how the quick access works directly out of the box. With the included screwdriver you can always adjust the band to your needs.

Coin Compartment

The elegant one piece aluminum (10g) or carbon (5g) - coin compartment makes this Slim Wallet a fully fledged wallet. In addition to coins, you can also store SD cards and keys. A cutout on the back of the Aviator Wallet allows you to comfortably access the compartment via a slide mechanism. The tray is available in 2 different sizes: 

  • SLIM | 2,9 mm: up to 7 coins
  • DOUBLE | 5,2 mm: up to 14 coins

Cash Clip

The aviator is comprised of a highly elastic band that can be expanded with the cash clip. The clip is produced by laser sintering on a 3D printer. This technology makes the Cash Clip lightweight, flexible and durable for everyday use. In addition to the look and the handling of banknotes is improved.

Also available in flexible carbon fiber.

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