AVIATOR Classic Wallet

Sapphire Blue Aluminum Minimalist Wallet

4 – 11 cards preset*
RFID protected
Coin Holder optional
100% Made in Germany
Lifetime Warranty & Free Worldwide Shipping

*Amount of cards can be adjusted up to 20 cards (screwdriver included)

Our AVIATOR Slim Wallet is made out of gorgeous premium and pure airplane aluminium, it carries light and feels good in hand.

It's scratch resistant surface is achieved through a unique processing technique only applied by two manufacturers worldwide.

The AVIATOR is the perfect companion for a minimalist lifestyle and people who are always looking for an extra special, sleak and unique design that is setting you apart from the average joe. This sophisticated Made in Germany Slim Wallet is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Dimensions: 85 x 54 x 5 mm

For Slim Wallets with PULL STRAP check out our AVIATOR SLIDE models.

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