Our Mission

Our team believes that the people outside do carry to much stuff, not only in their backpacks but also in their bulky leather purse crammed with old bills, business cards and gift cards. What you really need to carry on a daily basis is an all-in-one solution for your cards and bank notes combined with some extra space for coins. That's what our wallet is all about. After nearly two years of experimenting and prototyping with over thirty samples out of 3D printers and a successfull kickstarter campaign we held it in our hands: the final Aviator Wallet peppered with great features to improve your daily lifestyle with the focus on high-quality and durable materials as well as great design combined with functionality.

A modern slim wallet made from finest materials like high-grade aluminum, carbon fiber or pure titanium. All parts are made in Germany and come togheter to be assembled by hand in our small manufactory. One of our co-workers will take care of your Aviator Wallet after receipt of your order and adapts it to your individual settings and selection of accessories. This will let you experience the full minimalist lifestyle right out of the signed box and gives you a taste of what the Aviator Wallet is all about ...