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Our Story

Starterstore Origins

It all started in 2014. We were big fans of crowdfunding back in the days, backing projects on kickstarter and indiegogo from day one and intensively observed the markets. We noticed one thing: there are so many projects each and every week, but what happends with those products after a successfull campaign. The only chance a young founder has is to launch a small online shop for his specific idea. The problem: depending on where the headquarter is, customers from other countries have to pay high custom fees, import VAT and the shipping costs are not low either.

Our idea was born. A marketplace for successful funded and innovative products. A contact point for all these young founders to sell their products. 


The Process we made

In the meantime many crowdfunding highlights from kickstarter and indiegogo belonging to our wide ranged assortment of innovative products. Featuring categories like Slim Wallets, Watches, Tech Gadgets and Everyday Carry. 

Some product highlights from our assortment:

Aviator Wallet 

Baubax Travel Jacket 2.0


Nix Pro Color Sensor

Tactica Original Tool (Talon Tool)


KeySmart Organizer

Skinners Socks