Austria Minimalist Wallet Edition | Classic | Coin Holder & 3D-Clip

  • Adjustable elastic band for up to 20 Cards
  • 3D printed Cash Clip in Austria Design included
  • Aluminum Coin Holder included
  • Aircraft-grade Aluminum anodized in Austria Red
  • RFID Protection
  • Lifetime warranty & free worldwide shipping
  • Size: 85 x 54 x 5 mm | weight: 43 g

3D Printed Cash Clip

The Aviator Austria Edition is enclosed by a white elastic band and includes a 3D printed cash clip. The clip improves not only the look but also the handling of banknotes.

Aluminium Card Holder Wallet | Austria Edition


Aluminum Coin Holder

The elegant - made of only one piece of aluminum (10g) - coin compartment makes this Slim Wallet a fully fledged wallet. In addition to coins, you can store SD cards and keys. A cutout on the back of the Aviator Wallet allows you to simply slide in and out of the compartment. This Edition comes with the SLIM Compartment (fits to all coins worldwide).

Aluminium Card Holder Wallet | Austria Edition


Adjustable Elastic Band

The heart of the Aviator Wallet is the inner panel. Here, the outer plate is held by 8 Torx screws and an elastic band which is suspended by two stainless steel bolts in rails. Through these rails, the length of the elastic band can be adjusted and thus the number of cards that fit the wallet can be determined.

With the included screwdriver you can always adjust the band to your needs.


Aluminium Card Holder Wallet | Austria Edition
Video: How to Use


Each card is easily accessible via the thumb slot on the front with a simple swipe of your finger. Just fan your cards well organized out of the Aviator Wallet and pick the one you need.

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