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Aviator Wallet | Starter Edition

Our AVIATOR Slim Wallet is made out of gorgeous premium and pure airplane aluminium, it carries light and feels good in hand.

It's scratch resistant surface is achieved through a unique processing technique only applied by two manufacturers worldwide.

The AVIATOR is the perfect companion for a minimalist lifestyle and people who are always looking for an extra special, sleak and unique design that is setting you apart from the average joe. This sophisticated - Made in Germany - Slim Wallet is backed by our lifetime warranty.




Each card is easily accessable via the thumb slot on the front with a simple swipe of your finger. Just fan your cards well organized out of the Aviator Wallet and pick the one you need. 




The elegant - made of only one piece of aluminum - coin compartment makes this Slim Wallet a fully fledged wallet. A cutout on the back of the AVIATOR Wallet allows you to simply slide in and out of the modular compartment.

Coin Holder Options:

  • SLIM Aluminum | 2,9 mm | 10 g | Up to 7 coins




Aviator Wallet adhustable Band

The most unique feature of this wallet is it's inner adjustable elastic band and stainless steel bolt design which is built into the frame and let's you dictate just how many cards your wallet can fit. The tough, but flexible band keeps everything together and allows you to carry up to 20 cards at it's maximum setting.

With the included screwdriver you can always adjust the band to your needs.



Resistance, strenght and durability are ensured with this precision-made in Germany slim wallet, which also benefits from natural anti-magnetic properties and RFID-blocking capabilities. Your payment and identification information are always safe from digital thefts trying to steal your most valuable data.



  • Quick draw access
  • RFID-blocking
  • Adjustable elastic band for 1 to 20 cards
  • Interchangeable Parts
  • Optional: Coin Holder
  • Torx Screwdriver & Gift Box included
  • Outstanding quality - 100% Made in Germany
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Satisfaction guarantee: money back if you do not like it
  • Lifetime warranty on all carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum parts

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