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Aviator Wallet | Obsidian Black

Our Aviator Wallet proves that functionality doesn't neccessarily mean a sacrifice of elegance when it comes to the design of a minimalist EDC wallet.

A bulky bifold is not an option anymore, when you get used to this slim, lightweight all-in-one solution for your cards, cash and coins. Made out of gorgeous premium and pure airplane aluminium, it carries light, feels good in hand and looks great with the rest of your EDC. Also you do not have to give up all your old habbits completely, regarding the stashing of cash and coins, because the Aviator is able to handle a fair amount of both within its unique and sleak design.

Resistance, strength and durability are ensured with this precision-made in Germany wallet, which also benefits from natural anti-magnetic properties and RFID-blocking capabilities. Your payment and identification info is always save from tricksters trying to get to your most valuable data.

The most unique feature of this wallet is it's inner adjustable elastic band and stainless steel bolt design which is built into the frame and let's you dictate just how many cards your wallet can fit. The tough, but flexible band keeps everything together and allows you to carry up to 20 cards at it's maximum setting.

Each card is easily reachable via your thumb through the cut out window in the front plate. Just fan them out and pick the card you need. The optional coin compartement allows you to store coins, SD cards and keys for quick and easy access and the wallet comes with the power to accommodate cash as well with the optional cash clip built into the elastic band.

Stunning in it's look with the rare funtional options for cash and coin carriers bulit into the design itself is usually hard to find in minimalist wallets theses days.

The Aviator Wallet equals aesthetics and functionality without compromise and can be personalised to whatever style fits you best.

  • Features
  • Coin Compartment
  • Quick access
  • Cash Clip
  • Quick draw access
  • RFID-blocking
  • Adjustable elastic band for 1 to 20 cards
  • Torx Screwdriver included
  • Gift box included
  • Optional coin compartment (aluminum or carbon fiber)
  • Optional cash clip (carbon fiber or 3D-printed)
  • Outstanding quality - 100% Made in Germany
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Satisfaction guarantee: money back if you do not like it
  • Lifetime warranty on all carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum parts

Coin Compartment

The elegant one piece aluminum (10g) or carbon (5g) - coin compartment makes this Slim Wallet a fully fledged wallet. In addition to coins, you can also store SD cards and keys. A cutout on the back of the Aviator Wallet allows you to comfortably access the compartment via a slide mechanism. The tray is available in 2 different sizes: 

  • SLIM | 2,9 mm: up to 7 coins
  • DOUBLE | 5,2 mm: up to 14 coins

Access any card in 3 seconds  

The heart of the Aviator Wallet is the inner panel. Here, the outer plate is held by 8 Torx screws and an elastic band which is suspended by two stainless steel bolts in rails. Through these rails, the length of the elastic band can be adjusted and thus the amount of cards which fit the wallet can be determined.

We set the elastic band to your number of cards. This is how the quick access works directly out of the box. With the included screwdriver you can always adjust the band to your needs.

Cash Clip

The Aviator includes a highly elastic band that can be upgraded, adding our cash clip. The clip is produced by laser sintering on a 3D printer. This technology ensures that the Cash Clip is lightweight, flexible and durable for everyday use. The cash clip improves the overall look and also makes the handling of banknotes a lot easier.

Also available in flexible carbon fiber:

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