Aviator Wallet

Titan #1 Rugged Minimalist Wallet

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Adjustable for up to 20 Cards
RFID protected
Coin Holder optional
100% Made in Germany
Lifetime Warranty & Free Worldwide Shipping

The AVIATOR Titan One Rugged is the flagship of our product line and combines all it's special qualities with a shell of super strong titanium. The element of our choice to accomplish the mission to create our best AVIATOR yet  is  99,9 % pure TITANIUM Grade 1, which is 200 times more expensive than crude steel and extremely costly to process. But the unique features of this exceptional metal justify the high price tag.

Titanium is as hard as steel, but weighs only half as much! It is strong, ductile and at the same time corrosion and temperature resistant. Even hydrochloric and sulfuric acids can not harm titanium. This special metal is used in high-tech industies, like space travel and in the military for the production of the outer skin layer of supersonic jets, such as the SR-71 Blackbird. When titanium is cooled down to -272 degrees, it becomes superconducting and objects float over the material.

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