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  • April 27, 2019 3 min read


    Keeping cash in your Aviator Wallet is not a problem at all: bills can be carried under the cash strap on the back and the Cavity Card made from aluminum offers place for a few nest-eggs. However, in your effort to minimalize your everyday carry, there is one element of the daily purchasing experience that might still be heavy in your pockets: all that loose change! 

    Wether due to local sales or the fact that items are often priced with an extra .99 cents attached, the chances are big if you are using cash, you are also collecting a lot of change in form of coins over the day. 

    Some of you might be tempted to just give away these coins, but we highly recommend to think different and see the loose change as an opportunity for other things. It can be a blessing in disguise - here are a few tips:


    The Classic Piggy Bank Solution

    Yes, it it the original form of passive income. You may still remember your childhood days when you had a classic piggy bank for change. The benefits are still the same today, even if it does not have to be a "pig", even a pitcher, a bowl or something similar can help here. While the object obviously fills only slowly, large sums of money can accumulate after some time. You may even be surprised of how much money you actually have in the end without even thinking about it.

    In the past, it was not uncommon for people to have airline tickets or whole holidays funded by the piggy bank's income. Meanwhile, there are even modern "piggy banks" with counting function to always know how much money is included. For the surprise, we recommend the classic version!

    Use it as your "Coffee Money"

    If you’re like most of the working population out there, you probably start a lot of your mornings with a cup of coffee or tea. In today's stressful society, you hardly have time to prepare your drink at home. The majority therefore resort to alternatives such as the local cafe around the corner or the nearest Starbucks at the station. On average, the drink costs between 1€ and 5€, but it would be annoying to pay this amount every day with your credit card. And you do not want to break the only € 50 note in the wallet also. The perfect opportunity to spend your change.

    Use it for Tips

    In much the same way you make it a habit to go to restaurants or cafes, you can make a habit of using your small change as a tip there. Depending on the price of your meal or drink, you will tip differently and this is where your coins come into play. As an example: your payable amount is € 9.90. The natural reaction would be to pay with a € 10 bill, but the remaining ten cents would be a lousy tip for the waiter. Perfect that you have 1€ and 2€ coins in your pocket. The waiter is satisfied with your tip and can do something with it - and you're off the change with lighter pockets as a result.

    For your Weekly Treat

    Let's say you collect a lot of change during the week, every week. It may only be a few bucks, but after some time, as already described, this can create a large amount. If you do not want to collect it in a jar or have no use for that extra money, then make it your habit to treat yourself. A small cheatmeal on the weekend, an extra coffee or a grooming product from the nearest drugstore, anything, no matter what! Just make it your weekly habit.

    It can really be something small, easy. Something you would not buy every day. It is about the "free" feeling when buying, without having ulterior motives on how expensive the pleasure is and whether one can actually afford it - does not make negative thoughts. This is in our opinion the best way to get rid of change, as it shows a liberating effect.

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