September 17, 2020 1 min read



AVIATOR WALLET receives German Design Award

The new AVIATOR WALLET Slide Edition has been awarded the German Design Award 2021 in the category Excellent Product Design. With this award, the German Design Council recognizes "a consistent design concept and implementation.

The unmistakable AVIATOR design impresses with its clarity and focuses on technical details and material properties.The materials used, such as aluminium from aircraft construction - hence the brand name AVIATOR - carbon fiber or titanium reflect the high quality and durability of the AVIATOR WALLETS. Despite its robust properties, the Slim Wallet looks classy and modern. With space for up to 20 cards, 7 coins and banknotes, the AVIATOR WALLET is a full-fledged wallet and extremely compact and lightweight.

Metal Slim Wallet

The models from the new Slide Edition are equipped with an adjustable pull strap that allows even faster access to all cards. AVIATOR WALLET is once again setting new standards in the international slim wallet market.

Every AVIATOR WALLET is 100% Made in Germany: All parts are produced by partners from Germany and assembled in the manufactory in Alzenau in Lower Franconia.


“Style is something you have or you don’t. At AVIATOR they have it.”

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