AVIATOR Edition Wallet

Fusion Black | Transparent Slide Wallet


Acrylic Glass finish
Cash Clip or AirTag Holder in Aluminum black
High-quality Aluminum Coin Holder | black anodized
High-quality Aluminum Frame | black anodized
Black Screws | Stainless steel


Pull Strap for Quick Access
RFID protected
100% Made in Germany
Lifetime Warranty & Free Worldwide Shipping
85,6mm x 54,0mm x 10,5mm


Amount of cards can be adjusted up to 20 cards (screwdriver included)

A new level has been reached in the interaction of design and material. The RFID-protected AVIATOR Fusion Slide Wallet is the world's first transparent slim wallet.

The Fusion Slide is surrounded by two acrylic plates, so that the inner design components, the high-quality inner frame and the coin compartment made of one piece of milled, ultra-light and black anodized aluminum are perfectly staged.

In its uniqueness, the AVIATOR Fusion is a real eye-catcher and a statement of timeless design. The unique design is complemented by a black cash clip or a black aluminum Apple AirTag holder. The bills are held securely by both variants.

With space for up to 20 cards, coins and bills, the AVIATOR WALLET is a full-fledged wallet and yet extremely compact and light as a feather. Cards can be accessed in seconds via a pull strap. 

The Slim Wallet is 100% produced and handmade in Germany. AVIATOR places the highest value on precision and quality. To avoid fingerprints and dust, the transparent look of the Fusion Wallet requires the highest accuracy and the use of gloves during assembly.