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    The Aviator Wallet explained in 30


    How to insert the back plate


    How to insert the coin holder   

    How to adjust the elastic band 


    Can my cards fall out of the Aviator Wallet?

    No! The Aviator Wallet is designed to hold securly up to 20 cards, thanks to our adjustable elastic on three levels.


    How do 20 cards fit into the Aviator Wallet?

    With a T5 Screwdriver the Aviator Wallet is easy to open. Inside, you'll find the three-step adjustment that let's you individually set the elastic band to your amount of cards.


    Is there a risk that my cards can be damaged?

    No! The inlay has a smooth surface so that your credit cards can slide in and out easily without beign damaged. In addition, the component has been designed that the card chips do not come in contact with the wallet. This invention also protects embossed cards, such as credit cards.


    Is it easy to insert the cards into the Aviator Wallet?

    The inside of the front plate (with the thumb slot) has a special shape with a bevelled edge, This allows the cards the be inserted without any resistance.


    Can I swap the elastic band?

    Yes! All parts of the Aviator Wallet are modular - so they can be exchanged. In addition, we have selected the best quality for the elastic band, for a long life - hand-sewn by a small, local tailoring.  


    Where can I store my bills?

    The elastic band on the back is perfect to carry your bills securly without falling out and getting lost. To have ultimate safety we recommend the combination of Cash Strap and our brand new Cash Clip. Not just a visual eye-catcher, it also makes the hold of your bills more safe.


    Which colors are available for the Aviator Wallet?

    The color for our Aviator Wallet are created by the anodizing process whereby the fine pores are filled with color pigments and the surface is then sealed for the best possible protection against scratches. We have selected four brilliant colors for you:

    • Obsidian Black
    • Sapphire Blue
    • Gunmetal
    • Pure Silver