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  • Are you looking for an exclusive wallet?

    The design possibilities of our card cases are very diverse. The customizable design of the AVIATOR Wallet allows you to combine different materials, colors and functions. Money clips on the card case, so-called Cash Clips facilitate the handling with banknotes.

    With the exchange of colored screws, the card case attracts attention and the card holder gets an exclusive look. Each card case is flexibly adjustable for up to 20 cards. Discover what you like and create the wallet of your wishes!

    A Titanium, Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Money Clip?

    It's the mix that makes the difference. Customize your slim wallet.

    Our cash clips made of carbon fibre, 3-print or aluminum turn your AVIATOR wallet into an eye-catcher. The Cash Clips work similar to a money clip and hold the notes of your wallet securely and firmly on the back of the wallet. The AirTag Cash Clip integrates your AirTag securely and minimally into your wallet. Decide for yourself with which cash clip you want to give your card holder wallet that special touch.

    The solution is our coin compartment

    With the coin pocket you get additional space in your Card Holder wallet.

    Whether coins, bills or keys, in the coin compartment made of acrylic glass, aluminum or carbon, these things are safely stored and easily accessible.The number of coins and bills you can store in your Metal Wallet depends on the size and thickness of the coins or bills. 

    The acrylic slim coin compartment is installed as standard an 2.9 mm thin. If you want a particularly lightweight minimalist wallet, you can configure a multifunctional compartment made of carbon instead. Alternatively, your AVIATOR can be turned into a real metal wallet with the exclusive aluminum change pocket.

    For even more space...

    The double coin compartment made of aluminum is larger and offers even more hidden space in your minimalist wallet. It is also suitable for particularly thick coins such as British pounds, which do not find room in a change pocket slim. The Double Compartment is 5.2mm thin.

    All coin compartments are equipped with an insert made of ultra-thin velour. This dampens the rattling of the coins.

    Slim Acrylic

    Acrylic glass is used as standard in the Slide model. The acrylic change compartment is resistant and can be slid in and out of the wallet easily.


    Slim Aluminum

    Aluminum is very robust and durable. It looks very high-quality with the aluminum plates and underlines the metal character of a real metal wallet. 


    Double Aluminum

    The aluminum double version offers even more space for essential small items or larger coins (e.g. British pounds).


    Slim Carbon Fiber

    It is extremely light and, thanks to its special construction, extremely resilient.


    The space frame, heart of your Slim Wallet.

    The special thing about your AVIATOR Wallet is that all components can be replaced and that the individual parts are available in different materials. This also applies to the heart of your Slim Wallet, the inner frame. Here you have the choice between standard acrylic glass, aluminum or titanium. 

    Acrylic glass for a lightweight Card Holder Wallet. Black anodized aluminum for a real metal wallet and more durability. Titanium for a unique and very special Wallet. If you want to stand out, you can combine colored titanium screws with the aluminum or titanium inlay.

    Yes, please!

    Attract attention. Titanium- and stainless steel screws in different colors give your minimalist wallet uniqueness and exclusivity. The anodised titanium screws in blue or gold are a real highlight in your AVIATOR Wallet and turn your wallet into a very special slim wallet. They are only compatible with an aluminum or titanium inner frame.

    Stainless steel screws in silver make your Slim Wallet very special and are also compatible with the acrylic Space Frame.

    A Smart and clear design

    Storage your cards discreetly. Provide your AVIATOR SLIDE Card Holder Wallet with a closed cover plate if you prefer a closed view.

    Alternatively, you can also equip your AVIATOR SLIDE ONE with an open cover plate.

    Closed Coverplate

    A clear, exclusive design and to store your cards discreetly.


    Open Coverplate

    Sporty design and view of your front card. Here you can also slide out the cards via the thumb window.