Black Brushed Minimalist Wallet | Classic


Like the Aviator Brushed Silver, the Brushed Black Slim Wallet features a brushed finish, making it impervious to scratches and fingerprints and reminiscent of black stainless steel with its simple elegance.

The AVIATOR Wallet securely holds 1 to 20 cards and the coin pocket makes it an ideal all-rounder for the day. Banknotes can be stored safely under an optional carbon money clip and banknotes can also be stored in a coin compartment if desired.

The integrated RFID blocker makes it safe from digital theft and protects sensitive personal data on the cards.
The quick access allows the first cards to be pushed out in just one second and by fanning out the cards you get access to all cards.

The AVIATOR Brushed Wallet comes with a lifetime warranty and is 100% made in Germany.

  • Adjustable elastic band for up to 20 Cards
  • Optional: Cash Clip & Coin Holder
  • 5005 brushed aluminum in stainless steel look
  • Inner Frame: Acrylic Glass or Aluminum
  • RFID Protection
  • Lifetime warranty & free worldwide shipping
  • Size: 85 x 54 x 5 mm | weight: 43 g

Carbon Fiber Cash Clip

The AVIATOR includes a highly elastic band that can be upgraded, adding our cash clip. The cash clip improves the overall look and also makes the handling of banknotes a lot easier.

Cash Clip Options:

  • Carbon Fiber Clip | 1 mm | extremely durable & flexible
  • 3D-Printed Clip | 1 cm | ductile & durable


Aluminum Coin Holder

The elegant - made of only one piece of aluminum (10g) - coin compartment makes this Slim Wallet a fully-fledged wallet. In addition to coins, you can store SD cards and keys. A cutout on the back of the Aviator Wallet allows you to simply slide in and out of the compartment. 

A cutout on the back of the AVIATOR Wallet allows you to simply slide in and out of the modular compartment.

Coin Holder Options:

  • SLIM Aluminum | 2,9 mm | 10 g | Up to 7 coins
  • SLIM Carbon Fiber  | 2,9 mm | 5 g |  Up to 7 coins
  • DOUBLE Aluminum | 5,2 mm | 25 g | Up to 14 coins


Inner Frame

The most unique feature of this wallet is its inner adjustable elastic band and stainless steel bolt design which is built into the frame and lets you dictate just how many cards your wallet can fit. The tough, but the flexible band keeps everything together and allows you to carry up to 20 cards at its maximum setting.

Inner Frame Options:

  • Acrylic Glass (included) | 3 mm | extremely light 
  • Aluminum Space Frame | 3 mm | ultra-smooth card slide | 17g
Slim Minimalist Wallet & Card Holder | Brushed Silver

With the included screwdriver you can always adjust the band to your needs.

Video: How to Use


Each card is easily accessible via the thumb slot on the front with a simple swipe of your finger. Just fan your cards well organized out of the Aviator Wallet and pick the one you need.