AVIATOR Edition Wallet

Fusion | Transparent Slide Wallet


Acrylic Glass finish
Cash Clip or AirTag Holder in Aluminum 
High-quality Aluminum Coin Holder | silver anodized
High-quality Aluminum Frame | silver anodized
Silver Screws | Stainless steel


Pull Strap for Quick Access
RFID protected
100% Made in Germany
Lifetime Warranty & Free Worldwide Shipping
85,6mm x 54,0mm x 10,5mm


Amount of cards can be adjusted up to 20 cards (screwdriver included)

A new level has been reached in the interaction of design and material. The AVIATOR Fusion Slide Wallet is the world's first transparent slim wallet.

The high-quality components of the slim wallet are surrounded by acrylic glass, so that the inner frame and the coin compartment made of ultra-light and silver anodized aluminum become visible.

In its uniqueness, the AVIATOR Fusion is a real eye-catcher and a statement of timeless design.

The unique design is complemented by a brushed silver cash clip or a silver AirTag holder. Your bills will be held securely by both options. The transparent wallet offers space for up to 20 cards, which you can access in seconds via a pull strap.