Titan #1 | Titanium Coin Compartment

The Titan #1 Coin Compartment, made from one piece of 99.9% pure grade 1 titanium, is the last component that was missing to complete the AVIATOR Titan #1! With this piece of titanium, the Titan #1 Slim Wallet lives up to its name 100%. This particular masterpiece is nearly indestructible, weighs half as much as steel, and is tough and corrosion resistant even in extreme conditions. The weight of the titanium compartment is 30g. 

Each Titanium #1 Coin Compartment is marked with an individual serial number engraved on the front. Pulling out the compartment is a breeze thanks to the small opening on the back of the AVIATOR Slim Wallet.

    The coin compartment has an insert made of ultra-thin velour. This dampens the rattling of the coins. As an alternative, we recommend storing the coins in the coin compartment together with a bill. This dampens the rattling just as effectively.