Titan One Slim Wallet | Slide


The Slim Wallet made of pure Titanium

The Titan One Slide is an ultra-slim wallet, made from 99.9% pure grade 1 titanium.
Our masterpiece gets with this edition the quick card access via our "Slide" pull strap.

Pure titanium is extremely expensive and difficult to process. Each of our production steps follows an exactly defined procedure, which we have perfected over the years.

The Titan One Slim Wallet is manufactured 100% in Germany. The raw titanium is CNC-milled into shape and finished by hand. A specially developed anodizing process gives the Titan One Slim Wallet its unique color, which is based on matt stainless steel.

The result is not only an almost indestructible titanium slim wallet that weighs only half as much as steel with the same strength, but also a noble object that looks perfect in every detail.

The Slim Wallet is completely modular and adjustable, the elastic band as well as the Slide pull strap can be adjusted in the inner frame exactly to the number of cards. The smallest setting holds one card securely and the largest setting holds 20.

The Titan One Slim Wallet is equipped with a Carbon Fiber Cash Clip, for banknotes and an aluminum coin holder.
In addition, the Wallet can be equipped with a Carbon Fiber coin holder and an aluminum space frame.

Titanium is an anti-magnetic metal that is also ideal as RFID protection against digital theft.



Material: Grade 1 Titanium
For banknotes: Carbon Fiber Cash Clip
For coins: Aluminum coin compartment (optionally made of Carbon Fiber)
Size adjustment: Inner Frame made of acrylic glass (optionally made of aluminum)
RFID protection: 2 x 1 mm outer shell made of anti-magnetic titanium
Number of cards: 1 to 20
Tools: Torx 5 screwdriver

Free worldwide shipping
Lifetime warranty on all carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum parts


Pull Strap

The AVIATOR Slide has an elastic pull strap that makes it easy to pull cards out of the wallet. A black strap with a black end is installed as standard.
black drawstring with a silver end is additionally available among the accessories. On request, this can be installed in the Aviator. The standard pull strap is included with the order as a replacement strap.

Pull strap Options:

  • Silver


  • Black 



Manual & Video: How to Use