AVIATOR Slide Wallet

Titan #1 Edition | Titanium Slim Wallet


99.9% pure Grade 1 titanium
Adjustable 1 – 20 cards
Carbon Fiber or Titanium Cash Clip
Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Coin Holder
Aluminum or Titanium Space Frame
Unique serial number


Pull Strap for Quick Access
RFID protected
100% Made in Germany
Lifetime Warranty & Free Worldwide Shipping
85,6mm x 54,0mm x 10,5mm

The Titan #1 Slide is a slim wallet made from 99.9% pure Grade 1 titanium. This masterpiece is almost indestructible, weighs only half as much as steel and is robust and corrosion-resistant even in extreme conditions. Each Titan #1 receives a unique serial number, which is engraved on the backplate. The Wallet is equipped with a Carbon Fiber or Titanium Cash Clip and an aluminum coin holder.

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