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  • February 01, 2023 3 min read

    In search of the best Slim Wallet

    There are now a seemingly endless number of different slim wallets and you may find it difficult to pick the right one for you from the many slim wallets, purses and card cases. 

    We can't make that decision for you, but we'll give you ten good reasons why owning a metal or carbon Aviator Wallet is a great choice and will convince you to get the best Slim Wallet.


    Small size/ Lightness

    Compared to traditional wallets, the AVIATOR Slim Wallet is significantly thinner and lighter, making it an ideal choice for people who don't want to burden themselves with heavy, bulky items. Measuring just 8.6 x 5.4 cm and only 1.05 cm thick, it is one of the thinnest wallets on the market. Its slim design allows it to be conveniently stored in your front pants pocket or in a small pocket without restricting your movement. Once you try it, you'll never want to go back to a traditional wallet.


    Style/ Aesthetics/ Minimalist Design

    In addition to being smartly sized, the Aviator Ultimate Slim Wallet is also truly eye-catching. Minimalist design and aesthetics are perfectly combined here. It suits a tech lifestyle and is a fashionable accessory that adds a touch of sporty elegance to any outfit.


    Maximum capacity / Made for individual needs

    Despite its slim design, the Aviator Ultimate Slim Wallet can hold up to 20 cards, bills and change, customizable to your individual needs. It's amazing how many cards and bills can be stored in this small wallet.

    Modularity/ Flexibility

    The modular design of the wallet provides great flexibility to meet your various needs. Like no other slim wallet, the AVIATOR Wallet offers various combination options. Your wallet in your desired color can be optionally modified with colored screws, different colored bands and special cash clips. Our Edition Wallets give you an insight into the different combination possibilities. 


    Quality / Durability

    The love of design that goes into each of our wallets, precision and the selection of high quality materials, are reflected in our high customer satisfaction and guarantee the best quality and therefore a long life of your Slim Wallet. 

    Handmade in Germany / Fair production

    We can say that with a clear conscience. All Slim Wallets are developed, designed, produced and controlled in Germany. 

    The selected materials for our products are sourced exclusively from German companies and each Slim Wallet is individually handmade under good working conditions and fair wages. 

    What does individually handmade mean?

    You order your customized Slim Wallet, we build it the same day or the next day at the latest and send it to you!

    Smart Handling / User friendly

    One of the most important things about a Slim Wallet is its handling. While many other slim wallets require you to pull out the cards with your fingers or open the snap fasteners, the AVIATOR Slim Wallet allows you to reach the cards in just a few seconds by elegantly pulling them out via a strap.


    Storage of small change / Space for more

    The change compartment, which is available in two sizes, Slim and Double, is also smart. In addition to small change, a key, emergency bill or SD card can also be stowed here. How much can I store? That depends on how big your coins and keys are. 

    RFID Protection / Protection against loss

    Unfortunately, data theft is no longer a rarity. In your AVIATOR Slim Wallet your cards, respectively the data on them are protected against skimming. In the Slim Wallets made of metal by the material itself, in the Slim Wallet made of carbon is an RFID blocker card included.
    Optionally, you also have the possibility, if you have an Apple AirTag, to secure your Slim Wallet by this. So your Slim Wallet can be found easily in case of loss. The AirTag holder is attached to the back of the Slim Wallet and can be removed as desired.

    Super Service 

    If you have questions or concerns, you can always contact the team of AVIATOR Wallet and get fast and helpful support.  



    These are ten good reasons why you should own an AVIATOR Slim Wallet and with which we hope we have made your decision easier. 

    If you have decided to buy an AVIATOR Slim Wallet, feel free to write to us and tell us what convinced you!  

    Also feel free to let us know if you chose a different Slim Wallet for specific reasons. We always want to get better and our journey is not over yet!


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