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  • January 31, 2023 6 min read

    Never Lose Your Wallet Again

    The Power of AirTag Wallets AirTags are a new and exciting addition to the world of Apple accessories. These small, circular devices are designed to attach to items like keys, wallets, and purses, and can be found using Apple's Find My Network if they ever get lost. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the possibility of attaching AirTags to your wallet and why it can be useful. We'll also tell you what to look for when shopping for an AirTag wallet.

    What is an AirTag?

    Let's first talk about what the AirTag even is. Essentially, they are small, coin-shaped devices that can be attached to items like keys, wallets, and purses. They are powered by a built-in battery and communicate via Bluetooth with other Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads. If you lose an item that has an AirTag attached, you can use the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad to find its location. This network is a collection of millions of Apple devices that are always waiting for the AirTags' unique Bluetooth signal. When an AirTag comes within range of one of these devices, its location is transmitted to the Find My network, and you can then use the Find My app to see where the lost item is. This way, you can quickly find a lost item even if you are not in the same location as the item.

    Why can it be useful to have an AirTag Wallet?

    As already mentioned, you can locate and find your AirTag at any time with the help of Apple's Find My network. Of course, if your AirTag is permanently integrated with your Wallet, this also applies to your Wallet. So you are safer on the road if your Wallet can be tracked with the AirTag. Of course, it is also a good place to store your AirTag, because you probably have your wallet with you most of the time anyway.

    How do I attach an AirTag to my wallet to get an AirTag Wallet?

    To attach an AirTag to your wallet, different options are offered by wallet manufacturers. You can either buy a special AirTag wallet accessory, which is designed specifically for the AirTag and can be attached to your wallet using a loop, clip or keychain, or get a wallet with an integrated AirTag holder right away. If you still have an old-fashioned standard wallet, you can of course just put the AirTag in the pocket with the small change, but this might not be the most elegant solution. Although there are already options for integrating an AirTag into conventional wallets, in this blog post we will refer exclusively to AirTag wallets that are offered in slim wallet format, i.e. in credit card size.

    What should I look for when buying an AirTag Wallet?

    The different ways to integrate the AirTag on the wallet may now make you think about which is the best wallet, that is, which type of mounting makes the most sense for you.

    • Flexibility
      First, think about whether you want your AirTag permanently attached to the Wallet or if you might want to just have the AirTag with you sometimes when you're out playing sports, for example. With some AirTag wallets it is inconvenient to remove the AirTag from the wallet, with some it is no problem. AirTag visibility Another point that matters is how the AirTag is visible. Do you want it to be discreetly covered or would you rather it be in full view?
    • AirTag Visibility
      Another point that matters is how the AirTag is visible. Do you want it to be discreetly covered or would you rather it be in full view?
    • Optics & Style
      Of course looks and style also count. There are probably wallets that integrate the AirTag in a way you don't like, and perhaps make it look bulky by giving the wallet an awkward format.
    • Practicality
      The AirTag should be integrated on the wallet in a way that is practical for you and it still meets your requirements for a slim wallet. So if suddenly your wallet with integrated AirTag doesn't fit in your front pants pocket, it may not be right for you.
    • Sustainability
      Right now, the ability to integrate your AirTag on the Wallet seems mega convenient. In five years, however, you may feel persecuted or there may be a new technology that is far better. Will it still be possible to use AirTagWallet without AirTag then? Again, there are differences and it's worth taking a closer look if you're someone who cares about sustainability and likes to use the things in life longer than seems to have become fashionable.

    In addition to the AirTag considerations, there are of course other more general features that are useful for the AirTag Wallet.

    What else does my AirTag Wallet need?

    • RFID Protection
      Reading sensitive card data is fast and unobtrusive. It makes sense to choose an AirTag Wallet that protects your cards from data theft either by itself using certain materials or by using an RFID blocker card.
    • Durability
      Some AirTag Wallets are only made of thin leather or plastic, which may not be as durable as sturdy metal or thick leather. Depending on what your AirTag Wallet needs to withstand, you may want to think about which material makes the most sense for you.
    • Coin Compartment
      Do you want your AirTag Wallet to only have room for the AirTag and cards, or do you still want to have cash and maybe even some room for change? Then it is worth to have an AirTag Wallet, where additional banknotes can be stored and a coin compartment is included.
    • Leeway in the number of cards
      Three cards in the wallet is not much. In fact, there are AirTag Wallets that don't offer much more room for cards. Do you have more cards? Then take a close look at how many cards can be accommodated in your chosen AirTag Wallet. Most AirTag wallets, or slim wallets, do not allow you to choose the number of cards you want. Only a few AirTag Wallets offer more than ten cards.
    • Handling
      Each AirTag or Slim Wallet offers a different way to access the cards it contains. Find out beforehand, perhaps also via function videos, how you can access your cards with the respective AirTag Wallet and whether this is practicable for you, so that you do not have to fumble helplessly with it.
    • Fair Production
      For many, this may not matter, but production in your own country under fair working conditions and with fair wages for the workers costs a lot of money. This is of course reflected in the price of the AirTag wallet. Maybe this is not necessarily an advantage for you, but you support a piece of "Fair World" and can assume that your Slim Wallet was not screwed together or sewn by children's hands or that people are suffering as a result.

    These and other considerations are useful before you decide on an AirTag Wallet. Based on these considerations, you will hopefully find an AirTag Wallet that suits you and meets your needs 100%. We at AVIATOR have also considered how an AirTag can be integrated most sensibly into AVIATOR and are very satisfied with our solution. Let us inspire you!

    AVIATOR Wallet with integrated AirTag Holder

    Held by an AirTag holder, the AirTag is visibly attached to the outside of your AVIATOR Wallet.
    The AirTag holder is attached to the elastic band of the card holder and can also be removed at any time by unscrewing the Slim Wallet with the included screwdriver.
    The lightweight and slim 2021 German Design Award winning Slim Wallet fits in any of your pockets as it is only the size of a credit card. This feature makes it the perfect companion for your everyday life.
    You are super flexible in how many cards you want to carry. The Slim Wallet has room for up to 20 cards, which you can reach easily and quickly, while still keeping them tight and safe. Safe also because they are protected against RFID skimming.
    The integrated coin pocket is perfect for storing coins, keys, and SD cards for added functionality. Banknotes and bills can be stored on the back of the Slim Wallet.

    Your Slim Wallet is produced in Germany and individually handmade.

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