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  • November 21, 2022 2 min read

    Wondering what's so special about our Edition Wallets? In this blog post, we will explain to you all the advantages and special features of the new Edition Wallet series compared to our configurable wallets. 

    Selected, Exclusive, Flag Edition?

    Basically, the Edition series consists of three different Slim Wallet editions: Selected, Exclusive, and Flag Edition.  

    Selected Editions

    The Selected Edition contains wallets that are frequently configured by customers in exactly this version. These versions are, in a way, our bestsellers as a finished edition.

    Since everything is already pre-configured except for the coin tray, you don't have to deal with the individual configuration options yourself and can quickly decide on an edition without much effort. The pre-configuration also has the advantage for us that we save time and therefore money and can produce in advance. Therefore, we can give you a price advantage compared to configurable wallets. 

    If you prefer to put together your wallet and would like to have a different cash clip, a full aluminum version, or already have the right band settings adapted to the individual number of cards, you can configure your own individual aluminum or carbon fiber wallet here. These settings are not selectable in the Selected Edition. However, the band setting can be adjusted at home at any time with the help of the included screwdriver. However, the coin compartment is selectable in different designs. If you would like more information about our coin trays, please click HERE.

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    Carbon AirTag Wallet

    Exclusive Editions

    In this edition series, we present you exciting, completely individual compositions of wallets, which are not normally available. Different band colors, materials, screw colors and exclusive cash clips are used.
    In order to get exactly this wallet in this design, you would normally have to order additional components in the accessories or in the case of the Fusion Slim Wallet is actually only available exclusively. With the exclusive edition you get a Slim Wallet from us, which only a few own and we have the advantage that we can present our Wallet in extraordinary designs.

    You also have the possibility to choose the type and material of the coin compartment and the inner frame.

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    Exclusive Edition

    Flag Editions

    In the Flag Edition, we offer credit card holders with country cash clips in Switzerland, USA, and Canada versions. For those who want to feel connected and closer to their favorite country, no matter where they are in the world.

    You get a wallet in colors matching your favorite country and don't have to spend a lot of time on configuration options. Plus, the Flag Edition offers an attractive price point.

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    USA Flag Edition 

    The new edition series offers you many attractive wallets in exclusive combinations. If you are missing something in our edition series or if you have an idea which wallet combination should definitely appear in our edition series, we would be happy to hear from you!

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