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  • June 08, 2022 4 min read

    One wallet.
    Many possibilities.

    In addition to the AVIATOR Slide Card & Coin Holder Wallet, there is now also a pure Card Holder Wallet: The AVIATOR Slide One. Confusing? Yes, it is probably not easy to keep track of the many possibilities AVIATOR offers. That's why we would like to inform you in this blog post about the similarities and differences and the advantages of each wallet model, so that you can get the minimalist wallet that suits your needs and with which you will have a lot of fun! The perfect slim wallet!


    First of all, let's look at the common features or gadgets that distinguish both   card holder wallets.

    1. Flexible setting and adjustment of the number of cards and more 

    The common feature of the AVIATOR Cardholder Wallet is the flexible adjustment and the different possibilities of the individual variants, i.e. you can choose the number of cards from one to 20 cards, the material and color of the outer plates and the inner frame, the optional cash clip and colored titanium screws. Under Parts & Accessories you will find further extras, such as the ingenious AirTag Cash Clip, which make your wallet even more individual or simplify handling.

    2. Pull Strap for quick and easy handling

    With both the AVIATOR Slide and the AVIATOR Slide ONE Card Holder Wallet, the cards can be reached in seconds via the smart pull strap. Handling is child's play and the cards can be pulled out without any effort. Just to complete the picture and to make things clear, on the AVIATOR Classic version, i.e. the original version, the cards are pushed out via the window on the cover plate.

    AVIATOR Slim Wallets


    3. RFID protection

    Nowadays, when digital payment is becoming more and more important, the number of fraudsters and thieves has unfortunately also increased. With the simplest of means, card data is read out and used for their own purposes, which means that in the worst case scenario we lose a lot of money. For this purpose, RFID protection is indispensable in a slim wallet. The AVIATOR Slide and Slide One are both RFID-protected minimalist wallets. Either over metal in the aluminium version or in the carbon version either with an RFID blocker card or an inner frame made of aluminium.

    4. lifetime warranty on all aluminium and carbon parts.

    For a lifetime of fun with your AVIATOR Minimalist Wallet Slide or Slide One Card Holder Wallets, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all parts made of aluminium or carbon, i.e. on the outer plates, the inner aluminium space frame and the carbon cash clip. Spare parts such as the elastic strap, screws or the pull strap can be ordered at any time under Parts & Accessories. 

    5. The elastic band offers space for banknotes.

    On the back of each of the two versions there is an elastic band under which banknotes or receipts can be stowed quickly and easily. For even easier handling, a cash clip can also be integrated on request, which makes it even easier to lift the band.

    The AVIATOR Slide and the Slide One Card Holder Wallet both fulfill all the requirements of an ultimate minimalist wallet with a license to have fun, but they differ in two essential aspects that we naturally don't want to deprive you of.

    AVIATOR Minimalist Wallets


    Let's now look at the features that differentiate these two versions and make them each special.

    1. Integrated coin compartment

    Probably the most significant difference between the two versions is the availability of a coin compartment. While the AVIATOR Slide Card & Coin Holder Wallet has a coin compartment as standard, in which banknotes, SD cards or keys can be stored in addition to coins, this was deliberately omitted from the Slide One. The idea behind this is to create a wallet that is as minimalist and robust as possible. The Slide One Card Holder Wallet is given particular strength by the 2nd inner frame, which is firmly screwed to the back plate. 

    2. Closed cover plate

    Obviously, the Slide One Card Holder Wallet is equipped with a closed cover plate, which gives it a clean appearance and more anonymity for the cards. The cards cannot be slid out via a thumb window here, but this is not a tragedy because the Slide One also has a pull strap to pull them out. The Slide comes with a cover plate with a thumb window through which the cards can be pushed out in addition to the pull strap. The open view gives the AVIATOR Slide Card & Coin Holder Wallet a sporty look and if desired a special cover card can be slid in. 

    Minimalist Wallets


    3. Available materials

    A third difference is the currently still limited choice of materials for the AVIATOR Slide One Card Holder Wallet. Like the Slide, it is available in carbon and all colors of aluminium, but not yet in the Titan One version.

    For customers who would like to have exactly this version, simply contact customer service and perhaps the Slide One will soon be available in the titanium version. Those who would like to have the Slide model because of the coin compartment, but who find a closed cover plate more suitable, can also contact customer service.

    Which AVIATOR Wallet is right for you?

    AVIATOR Wallet | Slide
    AVIATOR Wallet Slide
    from 65 €
    AVIATOR Wallet Slide ONE
    from 75 €
    Quick Access

    Quick access via the pull strap
    Quick Access

    Quick access via the pull strap
    Coin Compartment

    Coin compartment
    Cash clip
    Cash clip

    1 to 20 cards

    1 to 20 cards
    RFID Protected

    RFID protected
    RFID Protected

    RFID protected

    Lifetime warranty

    Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime warranty

    Lifetime Warranty


    We are very concerned about the satisfaction of our customers and that everyone gets the Minimalist Wallet that makes them happy.

    We hope that we have shed some light on the AVIATOR versions and are always happy to receive your suggestions and wishes!

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