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  • October 26, 2023 3 min read

    Very few slim wallets can accommodate up to 20 cards, and the AVIATOR is one of those slim wallets. When you purchase it, we customize your AVIATOR based on the number of cards you've specified, and you can then fill it with that number of cards plus or minus 3 cards. If your AVIATOR is brand new, the band may initially appear very tight. After the recommended pre-stretching and some usage, it becomes easier to insert and remove the cards.

    If you want to store significantly more or fewer cards than the specified number in your AVIATOR, we recommend adjusting the AVIATOR to the new number of cards. You can find information on how to do this and why it's important in this blog post.

    Why is it important to adjust the AVIATOR to the actual number of cards?

    There are two main reasons why the AVIATOR's setting should be adapted to your card count.

    1. Inside the AVIATOR, two bands run: the elastic band securely holds the cards together. Of course, the band can be stretched far beyond the preset setting and can accommodate many more cards. The major disadvantage is that it can become loose or even tear. Additionally, due to excessive stretching, it may rub against the edges and get damaged.
    2. The pull strap, the second band in the AVIATOR, allows you to pull the cards out of the wallet. If significantly more cards are stored in the wallet than what is preset, the band may be too short and sit on top of the wallet. Conversely, if the AVIATOR wallet is filled with significantly fewer cards than the preset amount, the band may be too long and may wrap around the outside of the AVIATOR.

    Therefore, it's essential to use the AVIATOR with the band setting pre-adjusted to a specific card count, meaning you should only fill it with as many cards as intended. If you've sorted out cards or have significantly more cards than initially planned in the wallet, we recommend adjusting the band setting using the provided screwdriver.

    What band settings are available?

    First, consider how many cards you actually want to accommodate in your wallet. Keep in mind that embossed cards, such as credit cards, are thicker and count as two cards. Both bands, the pull tab, and the elastic band need to be adjusted. The following preset band settings for card numbers are possible:

    Pull Strap:

    Elastic Band:

    How do I change the band settings to a different card count?

    In this video, we explain the step-by-step process of changing the bands in the wallet to your desired card count or replacing the bands.


    If you only carry a significantly higher number of cards when going out and otherwise only carry a few, we recommend purchasing a second slim wallet. While the AVIATOR Slim Wallet is modular and allows for parts to be easily exchanged or added, it is not designed for weekly band setting changes. This could lead to the screws no longer securely holding in the wallet's inlay.

    Bands and screws are consumable parts. If you want to replace them, replacement bands and screws are available under Parts & Accessories, and they can be easily swapped out, making your AVIATOR Wallet look like new again.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at service@aviatorwallet.com.

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