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  • September 18, 2023 3 min read

    Perhaps you have also wondered why the AVIATOR has no holders for MagSafe? What also cannot be attached to the AVIATOR Slim Wallet are the car key or Airpods.

    At first glance, that's a good question, because attaching a cell phone and wallet or wallet and car key seems obvious at first. That's why we naturally gave a lot of thought to whether this would be an option for our AVIATOR Slim Wallet. On closer inspection, however, we noticed a few aspects that speak against such attachments. Which are exactly, you will learn here in this blog post.


    Point 1: Damage to cards

    Magsafe is a magnetic technology from Apple that facilitates charging, among other things. However, this technology can also be used to attach things to the iPhone, such as Apple's leather wallet. Theoretically, it would also be possible to attach the AVIATOR Wallet to the iPhone.
    In this context, we and perhaps some others were concerned that magnetic strips on cards could be damaged if they came into contact with the magnet. Apple says that there is no need to worry about this with credit cards, but hotel or parking cards could possibly be deleted by the magnet. This statement then leaves two possibilities: Cards, such as parking cards, are either stored separately from the Slim Wallet and smartphone, or you risk not getting into the hotel room or possibly having to pay the maximum parking time, which can be very annoying. We don't think either option is desirable or practical.


    Point 2: Appearance and storage

    Let's get back to the advantages of SLIM wallets. Ah yes, they are slim enough that you can easily put them in your front pants pocket, chest pocket, belly belt or shirt pocket. If you now imagine the Iphone with the AVIATOR Slim Wallet attached to it, you quickly realize that there is not much slim about it and both together fit neither in the front nor in the back pocket. In addition, it looks quite bulky when such a wallet is attached to the smartphone. A design wallet should simply not be attached so succinctly to a smartphone. No one would even think of attaching their wedding ring to their Breitling watch with a magnet...or would they? By the way, this point also applies to all other things like car keys or Airpods that could potentially be attached to a SLIM Wallet. It just looks incredibly silly in our eyes, and again, keeping it in your pocket can probably only be solved by wearing baggy pants.


    Point 3: Practicality and everyday use

    Another aspect is everyday use. The smartphone can only be placed on the display side with objects attached to it, and we also find it difficult to make phone calls when a Slim Wallet is attached to the back. That means you would have to detach the slim wallet from the smartphone every time and stow it before continuing with the call. Of course, the same problem arises when paying. Here, too, the smartphone has to be packed away before paying with the slim wallet. This could lead to a loss and it seems impractical in everyday handling with smartphone and Slim Wallet.


    Point 4: What happens if the magnet does not hold?

    The magnet on the MagSafe is strong, but items can be detached from the smartphone without much effort. In principle, this is desirable, but there is a risk that the attached items might come loose on their own. The same applies to the car key or Airpods. If both are pushed together into the pants pocket, one can easily detach from the other and thus get lost.



    Let's sum it up briefly: The aspects just mentioned weigh so heavily for us that after careful consideration we decided against both an attachment to the smartphone and an attachment option for car keys or Airpods on the AVIATOR Slim Wallet and simply want the AVIATOR Slim Wallet to remain a Slim Wallet.

    If you have any objections or ideas you'd like to share while reading this blog post, feel free to email us at service@aviatorwallet.com.

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