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  • May 09, 2020 2 min read

    There are some rules to follow in order to be called a real gentleman in today’s society. Young adolescents, potentially future gentlemen, do become more and more screwed up by the unfluence of technologies and the internet. You have the opportunity to set yourself apart from the masses through behavior while for many video game highscores and instagram likes are what counts most. But for sure it’s not. We think oft the following things…

    „Take the women you love to a classy restaurant, open the doors for her and adjust her chair“, „Don’t keep staring at your phone if you can instead look into the eyes oft he women you love“, „Only use the eggplant emoji if you do actually talk about eggplants“.

    But this is not meant to be a list of male behaviors towards women. No, we also want to talk about the facade of an esteemed and modern gentleman. This includes his clothes and the things he carries every day.


    The Suit

    Every real gentleman needs a suit. It doesn’t matter wheter you are a modern working class gentleman or the highest-paid employee in your company – a man in a well-tailored suit is ready for business, special occasions and romance. The saying goes: clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.


    Hard Work and Matching Clothes

    However, a real gentleman is much more than just a suit and tie. The modern man knows when it’s time to put on his white shirt, grease an old pair of Levis jeans and make his hands a little rougher. He knows what the right clothes are for. And if there is an oil change on his car or manual work at the house, it includes wearing working clothes. Dirt, sand and grease should not be stranger things to a gentleman’s work clothes, nor should a gentleman be a stranger to work.


    The Everyday Carry

    A gentleman comes in many shapes, sizes and lifestyles. Some can carry a gun, other's a cigar. In any case, there are a few items no gentleman should be caught without:

    • A watch for your special needs (tactical or noble)
    • A wallet for business that the gentleman must undoubtedly do
    • A knife for everyday life – and perhaps for self-defense
    • A zippo lighter for another man or yourself
    • A ballpoint pen for notes, sketches and business

    Note the following: everything a gentleman wears and carries should meet the criteria „compact“, „durable“ and „effective“. His setup embodies his personal needs and the basic idea of minimalism. The modern man never wears things unneccessary bulk or with poor quality. The gentleman knows what he needs and uses only the best of it…

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