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  • July 06, 2020 16 min read

    Let’s talk wallets. 

    Your wallet is something you use every single day. You bring it out every time you pay for something, or show your ID. It holds some of your most important and valuable items - from your credit cards to cash to your driver’s license. 

    It’s not just a functional item you carry - it’s part of your overall fashion sense and presence. That’s why it’s important to take your time and choose the right wallet for you. It’s not a decision you want to make on a whim - as (hopefully) your wallet will be something you carry around for years. 

    Don’t worry too much about finding theperfect wallet - as there is no such thing. There’s only the wallet that is perfect for you. When you find a wallet that really works best for you, using it is a joy and you will smile every time you pull it out of your pocket. So, think about what you will use your wallet for, what’s important about it and what you want it to say about you. 

    In this article, we’ll go over the questions you should ask yourself when buying a wallet, to help you choose the style, size and type. 

    Then, we’ll look at the various types of wallets available and which is best for your needs - depending on how you plan to use it and what your priorities are. 

    What to Ask Yourself When Buying a Wallet

    There are some important things you should consider when you are buying a wallet. The decision is a lot more complicated today than it ever has been. The choice used to be simple. There were fewer brands to choose from and only a few different styles of wallets. 

    However, these days there are so many different types of wallets with variable styles and features. Plus, new technology and innovations in materials and manufacturing have allowed brands to offer wallets with more features than ever before.  

    So, how do you narrow it down? First of all, remember that your wallet should complement your lifestyle. Whether you are carrying your passport and cash with you while backpacking around the world, or you’re a professional heading from the office to a meeting - you want something that fits with how you use it. 

    So, the key begins with knowing yourself and what’s important to you. Here are some of the questions you might want to ask yourself when you are choosing which type of wallet to buy. 


    What do I need to carry in the wallet?

    Think about the items you carry with you on a daily basis. Do you carry around a lot of ID cards and membership cards? Or just your credit cards and a bit of cash? Do you often carry around coins? Do you have other items you need to be able to carry in your wallet, such as a spare key? 

    Think about the compartments of the wallet. Will you need slots for SIM cards and memory cards? What about transparent pockets for your ID and your driver’s license? 

    Your wallet should be appropriate for the items you carry on a daily basis. You may need to carry a bit more on other occasions, but in those cases you can use a different wallet temporarily. There’s no point buying a wallet that’s bigger or bulkier than you need for day to day use. 

    Also, it’s important to note that many people carry more things in their wallet than they really need to. You might find that you have collected numerous business cards, receipts, expired coupons, ticket stubs and other items that are no longer necessary and don’t need to take up room in your wallet. 

    So, before shopping for a new wallet it’s a good idea to clear them out and pare down the items you are carrying to only the essentials. Then, you should check your wallet on an ongoing basis to get rid of any of the old stuff you don’t need anymore. 


    What will I carry the wallet in?

    You’ll also want to think about what you will be carrying your wallet in. Will it need to be small enough to fit in the pocket of your jeans? Or will you be carrying it around in a purse, satchel, backpack or bag? Do you want the wallet to be able to fit in a particular pocket of your bag? 

    Your wallet should be the right size and shape to make carrying it as comfortable and convenient as possible.


    How often will I use it?

    If you are choosing a wallet for everyday use, you’ll want to select something with very durable material. It should be a high quality, well-made wallet that you can open and close every day without strain.  

    If you are choosing a wallet that you will only use for special occasions (such as a nicer wallet to use when you get dressed up) you can choose materials that are a little less durable and more delicate and decorative. 


    What’s your budget?

    It’s important to be realistic about your budget when shopping for a wallet. There are wallets out there at every price point, so you can find something you like no matter how much you have available to spend. 

    When you know how much you want to invest in your wallet, you’ll be able to narrow down your search so that you can find one that is the right price for your needs. 

    Of course, it’s important to think about cost vs quality. Sometimes paying a little bit more to invest in a better quality wallet is worth it. It will last a lot longer and will be less likely to fall apart. Sometimes when you try to save money by purchasing a cheap, low quality wallet, you end up paying more in the long run.


    Which Wallet Is Best For You?

    The next step is to ask yourself what’s most important to you when it comes to finding a wallet. Here are some of the main motivations you might have in your search for the perfect wallet, as well as suggestions for which one might fit your needs the best.


    You Want Something Lightweight

    Sometimes when you’re choosing a wallet, the most important feature is how lightweight it will be. You want something you can carry around with you that will be so lightweight you forget you’re even carrying it.

    Aviator Slim Wallet

    Aviator Slim Wallet

    A great example of a sleek, minimalist and incredibly lightweight wallet is the Aviator Slim Wallet, which is made out of premium airplane aluminum. This material is used for airplanes because it is so incredibly lightweight. It has a scratch-resistant surface which is incredibly durable and backed by a lifetime guarantee. You’ll be amazed at how lightweight this wallet is - compared to how solid and firm it is.

    Another excellent option to consider is the Ridge Wallet. It is a very sleek yet fully-functional wallet that is made from high-grade titanium or light-weight aluminum (your choice). The Ridge Wallet has a front pocket with RFID blocking material, as well as a spring-loaded money clip for keeping your cash secure.

    Also, since the design of these wallets is so simple and minimalist, they will naturally be a lot lighter. The typical wallet tends to get clogged up with old receipts, expired coupons and extraneous cards, gathering more over time. With this type of wallet you’ll only be able to carry the most essential cards, so you won’t end up lugging around too much unnecessary stuff.


    You Love Making a Fashion Statement

    The wallet you choose can really make a major fashion statement. When you consider style first as you choose a wallet, you’ll select something that really catches the eye. Your wallet will become part of your outfit, accentuating your look.

    When it comes to choosing a fashionable wallet, it really depends on your own personal style. Do you wear a lot of bright hues? Or do you dress with a lot of texture and depth in your look? Does your typical outfit look sleek and minimalist, or over-the-top and eye-catching. The right wallet for you will match your clothes, shoes and other accessories, adding to your look.

    For example, if your fashion style tends toward a classic, elegant look - this Mack Weldon Bifold Wallet would be perfect. It is made with stunning water-resistant industrial twill, with a classic and timeless look. It has three card slots in a slanted style, a subtle detail that really makes a difference.

    If your style is more retro, check out the Fossil Ward RFID Flip ID Bifold. It really has a classic looking nostalgic design, paired with some truly premium features. The look of the two-tone leather fabric is visually stunning, yet the wallet is practical too. It has plenty of room to hold banknotes, as well as a clear window with easy access to your ID.


    You Only Ever Carry a Few Cards

    The debate between whether it’s better to carry a money clip or a wallet is long and complicated. A wallet allows you to carry much more, including business cards, IDs, cash and more. However, a money clip is only designed to hold together a few cards and a bit of cash.

    It’s a very simplistic and minimal way to carry your cards around with you. Some people like to use a money clip, as they find it faster and easier when it comes to paying. You can access your cards a lot easier, rather than having to fumble around with a wallet.

    Also, having a small money clip rather than a lumpy back pocket wallet can also be better for your back. If you sit down a lot, sitting on a large wallet in your back pocket can be hard on the spine and nerves. Also, since your money clip is small and carried in your front pocket, it’s much hardest to pickpocket.

    There are many examples of great money-clip style wallets out there. For example, the Palm West Safari Money Clip is designed to allow you to carry the very bare minimum of your finances on you at all times. It is made with beautiful leather from Turkey, a world leader in the finest European leathers. The money clip is very sleek, simple and small - while still looking incredibly stylish.

    Also, if all you ever carry are a couple of cards and you want to be able to trim down your wallet - the Slim Wallet by Radix One is a great choice. It is sleek and contemporary, with a beautiful design and a very slender profile. There’s only enough room to carry 4-10 of your most important cards. It is also very lightweight and will not weight down your pocket - or cause any bulges. It’s made of durable polycarbonate material that will last an extremely long time.


    You’re Looking for Serious Security

    If you are concerned about security, you should be looking for a wallet with RFID blocking technology. This technology helps to prevent thieves from being able to read the information on your credit cards with a handheld scanner.

    This type of technological pickpocketing, known as RFID skimming, is practiced by criminals all over the world. With a handheld RFID reader you they can “skim” sensitive information, even from several feet away from you.

    In some situations, these scammers have collected entire credit card numbers from the pockets of passersby. This is especially important to watch out for when you are traveling. Many passports (such as a USA passport) have an RFID chip within them that contains your name, date of birth and other biographical information.

    While the passport itself does have some security features to keep this data safe, you might also want the extra peace of mind when you are traveling abroad. This is why RFID wallets are very popular with international travelers.

    So, if you want to keep your wallet as safe as secure as possible, you should look for wallets with RFID protection included. Columbia’s Men’s RFID Leather Wallet is a great example of this. It has enough room for your passport, credit cards, debit cards and licenses - with six card slots and a display window. The entire wallet contains RFID protection, so you can rest assured that everything is safe and secure. It’s made with double-stitched leather, so it should last for many adventures.


    You Want Your Wallet To Be a Status Symbol

    Perhaps when you pull out your wallet, you want it to dazzling and impress? You’re looking for something that will convey your high class status and really make an impact on those around you. You are willing to invest a little bit more in something really high quality and special.

    Check out the Titan One Rugged Wallet, an incredibly sleek and high tech option. It is the flagship of the Aviator Line and it is made with 99.9% pure TITANIUM Grade 1, which explains the hefty price tag. This material is as hard as steel, but it only weighs half as much.

    Titan One Rugged Wallet

    Titan One Rugged Wallet

    Using a wallet made from the same material as the outer skin of supersonic jets like the SR-71 Blackbird is an absolute power move. This material just looks and feels high quality - with a discreetly shiny surface and an elegant coin compartment. Plus, even though it’s very sleek and slim, it has room to carry up to 20 cards.

    Another great option is Montblanc, which is a brand that’s synonymous with luxury and quality. This label is known for stylish timepieces and writing implements, but they also make beautiful wallets. They are crafted with genuine leather and have a simple, classic design. Take the design of the sleek yet chic Montblanc Sartorial Wallet for example. It’s made with full-grain calfskin with a saffiano print, giving it a subtle and elegant texture.


    You Want Something Durable

    What if you use your wallet a lot, you have a bit of a rough and ready lifestyle and you really want it to last a long time? You are tired of wallets that start to fray at the edges or fall apart after a few months - you want something that will really last.

    The key to finding a long lasting wallet is the material. You should look for something high quality and well made, which can stand up to the elements for many years. It’s worth spending a little bit more on something really well made with good materials, as it will last longer and save you money in the long run.

    Aviator Carbon Fiber Slide Wallet

    Aviator Carbon Fiber Slide Wallet 

    A great option is carbon fiber, which is actually five times stronger than steel. It’s so durable that it could easily last for decades - perhaps your entire life.

    For example, the simple minimalist design of the Aviator Carbon Fiber Slide Wallet is a durable choice that will last a very long time. It is made with high quality premium carbon fibre, which is extremely light and protects your cards from being scratched. Plus, the wallet comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be assured that it will last forever.

    If you are looking for a leather option that will last for a very long time, check out this simple Small Bifold Leather Wallet from Saddleback Leather. It is made with marine-grade polyester thread, which is salt-water and UV resistant. After all, it’s the type of thread used in parachutes so people trust it with their lives!

    These wallets are backed by a 100 year warranty, so you can rest assured that they will last for your lifetime, and probably the lifetime of your children and grandchildren as well.


    You Need to Be Able To Carry Your Passport

    When you are traveling abroad, it’s really important to be able to carry your passport in your wallet. That way, you can keep it safe and avoid damage - while also having it handy whenever you need it.

    Of course, a wallet that is large enough to hold your passport is going to be bulkier than your average wallet. It might not be the style of wallet you want to use for every day. Many people have a day to day wallet, as well as a larger passport-friendly wallet they use while traveling.

    This beautiful Leather Passport Wallet from Wanderings is a great option. It is made with high quality full grain leather and has an RFID blocking lining to protect your debit cards, credit cards and passport information. Even though this wallet looks slim and stylish, it has enough room for a passport on either side, as well as four card slots and space for cash. There’s also a place for your boarding passes, so you can keep them safe and secure while you are in transit.

    If you’re looking for something stylish that will really make a statement, check out this gorgeous Perry Passport Case by Tory Burch. It is made with rich pebbled leather and has two interior card slots and a passport sleeve. It comes in a range of beautiful hues and the texture of the leather is incredibly luxurious.


    You Need to Carry Coins

    Do you often carry coins around with you? In some cases, coins are necessary. Especially if you live in Europe or the UK, where you’ll frequently receive Euros or Pound coins back as change. If coins are a major form of currency, you’ll need to be able to carry them conveniently in your wallet.

    Trying to carry coins in a wallet that isn’t designed for it is a nightmare. The coins will spill out everywhere, or will take up too much room for you to use the wallet for anything else. However, even though they are cumbersome, there are ways you can carry your coins with you without any headaches

    So, look for a wallet that has a coin compartment, so you can have quick and easily access to your coins without any hassle. For example, the Bellroy Coin Fold is designed with a coin pouch that can be opened by pinching the sides together. The leather ridge keeps the coins inside when the wallet is not open, so you can avoid awkwardly fumbling or losing any of them.

    The back section of the wallet is also designed with a latch to hold the contents secure. Even though the wallet holds coins - they sit flat so it is not bulky.

    Another great option is the Hardgraft Zip Bifold Wallet. This wallet is a very stylish choice, as it is a leather bifold wallet with a slim profile. However, it has enough room to carry up to 12 cards - as well as cash and coins. It has 8 card slots that can accommodate credit cards, and it is made with beautiful full grain black calfskin leather.


    You’re Looking for a Metal Wallet

    A metal wallet is a stylish, modern and unconventional option. This choice of materials will definitely make your wallet eye-catching, and it will also have many other advantages too. The most common materials for metal wallets are aluminum and titanium - both of which are long-lasting and durable.

    A typical metal wallet is designed with a single frame or a set of plates you can keep your cards between. There might also be an elastic band or a clip designed to hold cash.

    One of the main advantages of a metal wallet is that it will be extremely tough and will last through drops, bumps and all types of weather. Also, a typical metal wallet will be very smooth and easy to slip in and out of your pockets.

    Of course, a metal wallet is not for you if you want to be able to carry more than a few cards and a bit of cash. They are very slim and don’t allow you to carry very much.

    Aviator Wallet Black Metallic

    Aviator Black Metallic Wallet

    That being said, when it comes to choosing a metal wallet the Aviator Aluminum Wallet is a very stylish option. It is made from premium airplane aluminum and it feels incredibly lightweight and high quality. The wallet has a beautiful glossy surface that is made via a unique processing technique.

    Another great choice is the Spine Titanium Wallet, which is made from U.S. sourced Grade 5 titanium. It fits up to 10 cards, with extra room for loose bills. Plus, it even features an integrated bottle opener to make it even more practical. The titanium has RFID blocking capabilities, and it is also hypoallergenic, rustproof, corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic.


    You Want To Be An Ethical Consumer

    Perhaps when you think about what’s important to you when choosing a wallet - it’s selecting something with the least negative impact on the world around you. There are many wallet brands that have been made with careful consideration paid to ethics and environmentalism.

    A great example of this is Matt & Nat, a Canadian brand with a beautiful collection of vegan wallets and bags in various styles and sizes. All of their products are 100% vegan and often feature a lining made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. For example, the TANI Small Wallet is a great size, and it has a front credit card pocket, a compartment for bills that opens flat and an exterior back zippered coin pocket.

    There are also many other wallet brands that have gotten very creative with finding and recycling materials. Recycled Firefighter is a great example. They offer wallets made with decommissioned fire hoses and other firefighter gear. These tough materials made great sturdy and long lasting wallets.

    Recycled Firefighter has saved over 15,000 feet of fire hose from going to waste so far. One of their best selling wallets is The Fire Hose Sergeant, a slim and durable wallet that is designed to fit in your front pocket. Plus, each of these wallets is uniquely hand-crafted, which means it will be completely one-of-a-kind.


    You Have a Strong Sense of Identity

    Identity is important. Often we want the accessories we use and carry to reflect on our unique personality or who we are. When you carry something linked to your identity, it serves as a marker and a conversation starter with everyone you meet.

    Aviator Slim Wallet Canada Edition

    Aviator Wallet Canada Edition

    For example, you mind want to use a wallet that tells the world about where you’re from. If you’re a Canadian using the Canada Edition Coin Holder and 3D Clip Wallet from Aviator, you’ll be reminded of your roots every time you pull your wallet out of your pocket. The bold red, white and black design with prominent maple leaf will be a strong signal of your identity. You can also find an America Edition and a Swiss Edition, each with their own bold and iconic style. 

    Or, you could take it one step further and treat yourself to a completely personalized monogrammed wallet. The Personalized Wallet offered by Swanky Badger is an attractive and stylish option that can be customized with a monogram. You can even add a message or a quote to the inside of the wallet to make it completely your own.


    Which is the right wallet for you?

    There’s no right or wrong type of wallet. The best wallet is the one you feel great using and that meets your needs perfectly. If you find a wallet that is ideal for your needs, it’s worth investing a little more in having something of quality.

    Your personal style includes all the accessories you use - which includes your wallet. The wallet you choose says something about who you are and what’s important to you. It’s a reflection of your values and a style choice you will be reminded of every time you pull it out to pay for something.

    So, when it comes to buying your next wallet - put some thought into choosing something that will really suit you.

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