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  • February 16, 2021 3 min read

    A new wind has been blowing through domestic wallets for several years: payments with debit and credit cards are becoming increasingly popular; a trend that has once again intensified significantly in the last few weeks and months as a result of the worldwide corona pandemic. But what are the advantages of contactless money transactions in your everyday life?

    The world is becoming a bit more global, faster and networked every single day – and since the corona pandemic actually a little more cautious. Paying with a credit card is doing justice to these current trends, because…

    1. Cashless payment is more hygienic

    Banknotes and coins are a pretty dirty business. They can wander through countless unwashed hands, cavort with their own kind in cash drawers that have never been cleaned and offer an ideal breeding ground for germs in dark and warm wallets. Scientists from a biomedical and pharmaceutical institut in Germany found 3.000 different types of bacteria on the average banknote. They even found cocaine residues and traces of DNA from all possible animals. However, if you forego reaching for the bill and simply pull out your credit card you will avoid the hygienic problem. Because except you there is probably no other person that has touched your credit card. And on plastic bacteria thrive much worse than on the rough cotton that banknotes are made of.

    2. Cashless you are on the safer side

    Let’s not kid ourselves: thieves lurk everywhere and if they rob you of your cash, it’s gone. A lost wallet reappears – if at all – mostly robbed of ist coins and bills. Because people think they deserve a reward just for leaving your wallet at the lost property office. If you forego cash, the risk of being deprived of your hard-earned money is comparatively small. Without a pin, only small amounts can be spent at the supermarket cashout and every reasonable bank offers hotlines to block your credit card immediately.

    3. It is saving you tons of time

    Deadline pressure and time stress are an integral part of our everyday life. It can be quite nervewracking to have one of these unspeakable loose change fumblers standing in front of you at the checkout. Or to be a loose change hunter yourself and fumble around for the last coins while the line of people behind you is already rumbling. Cashless payment avoids unnecessary rummaging in your wallets change compartment. You always have the right amount at your fingertips and no loose change that has been given out clumsily solls over the floor. The credit card is a blessing for your own nerves and those of all other buyers. You are saving even more time with the next logical step: from cashless to contactless payment. This trend establishes itself more and more all over the world and will be the future of cashless payment.

    4. It is offered nearly everywhere

    Can you remember these slips of paper with this or a similar label hanging at checkouts in the past: „credit card payment only from 10€“? However, this sentence is deliberately used in the past tense, because the times of minimum sales are now definitly a thing of the past. Almost every business now acceppts cashless payments even for small amounts – you can even buy a chewing gum labeled under 1€ at the traditional bakery around your corner. During the corona pandemic most of the small businesses geared up and did the switch to a card reader.

    5. It saves you space and weight

    As designers of a popular slim wallet we also have to see the advantages from another side: contactless payment saves space and weight in your slim wallet. The best scenario is if you do only carry a few cards like a credit card and your identification card besides the loose change you just got back at the supermarket checkout that you will sort out as soon as you got home. If we have learned one thing over the past few years it’s the fact that every gram counts in your everyday life and in your front pocket for more minimalism.  

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