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  • January 31, 2021 2 min read

    The main thing about carbon fibers ist the combination of being lightweigt while also extremly strong. Did you know that it‘s said to be five times stronger than steel? An incredible fact when you think about how this material is made - out of long and winding strands that can be thinner than human hairs. It is used as a hightech-material in the aerospace and race car industry for a reason.

    The combination of carbon fiber as a material and a well-designed slim wallet is only the the tip of the iceberg. It has many advantages to offer. So why should you forego it? There are actually no reasons for that.

    High-tensile strenght

    A carbon fiber slim wallet is the best choice in terms of strength and durability. Even after years of use it practically never wears out. Members of our Aviator Wallet crew still using prototypes from day one that only show slight signs of use. The carbon fiber plates are still in perfect condition after the years. Overall this material stands out compared to others due to it’s very high-tensile strength.

    Whitestands various conditions

    Your carbon fiber slim wallet can whitestand even extreme conditions in which you could never commit yourself. Just like very high temperatures. In the range of what carbon fibers can whitestand, the everyday use as a material for your slim wallet should be viewed at the lowest level. It is literally the last material you need in life.

    Classy appereance

    Without a doubt, a slim wallet made out of carbon fibers has a distinct appereance that is not applicable to any other wallet type. They are looking elegant, smooth and modern – the perfect accessory for the classic gentleman.


    Like said before carbon fiber is extremly light in weight. Hence, it is very comfortable to use with it’s smooth surfaces and rounded edges and will not drag you down over the day. It is the perfect counterpart for your front pocket.


    Overall, a carbon fiber slim wallet ist he perfect choice for every man on the long term. With the material being versatile and durable while still looking excellent, this combination is for the type that loves to get quite wild while immersing in a luxury lifestyle.

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