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  • January 16, 2023 4 min read

    The small wallet also for women

    The slim wallet is still used by many more men than women. Despite all the convenience it offers compared to the classic women's wallet, many women still seem to cling to the old-fashioned wallet. 

    This is also noticeable in the designs. What does a slim wallet have to look like to make it attractive to women? That's what this article is about.

    But first a few explanations on the subject of slim wallets!

    What exactly is a slim wallet? 

    Slim Wallets are also known as credit card cases or check card cases. A Slim Wallet offers everything that a normal ladies wallet and men's wallet also offers. So space for credit cards, store cards, cash and also other receipts such as receipts.

    Your classic ladies wallet usually has a large compartment for small change and sometimes two compartments for bills. In addition, there are compartments in the conventional purse for ladies for all IDs, credit cards and other cards. Often there are not enough slots, so several cards are put in one compartment. As a result, it quickly becomes confusing in the wallet. 

    Our AVIATOR Slim Wallets focus on the safe and clear storage of your credit and other cards. Additionally, there is the option to include a coin and multi-function compartment that allows you to keep coins, keys and other small items you want to keep safe with you.  

    One of the biggest advantages of the AVIATOR Slim Wallet is having quick and direct access to all your cards. In the AVIATOR Slide and AVIATOR Slide One models, card access is very fast thanks to a drawstring and you don't have to open the wallet in a complicated way and look for the card. 

    An additional pocket for small change can also be integrated in the corresponding models. 

    What material is the AVIATOR Slim Wallet made of?

    The AVIATOR Slim Wallet is available in different materials, you can choose between titanium, aircraft aluminum or carbon. The carbon variant with real wood finish "Wood x Carbon Fiber" is particularly chic.

    Of course our focus is on durability and highest quality. That's why we offer a lifetime warranty on the cover plate, the back plate and the carbon cash clips!

    You can customize your AVIATOR Wallet exclusively to your liking, for example by having a Cash Clip or AirTag holder built into the Ladies Slim Wallet according to your taste.

    The AVIATOR WALLET is available in various colors; for women, the most popular variants so far are "Imola Red", "Brushed Silver" and "Electric Lime".

    You can also decide whether you want to integrate a coin and multifunction compartment. For your AVIATOR Wallet there are single coin compartments for up to seven, and double coin compartments for up to 14 coins. 

    What should be considered when buying a slim wallet for women?

    • Although a slim wallet is much smaller than a classic women's purse, it offers enough space for your various cards.
    • Since the card size is standardized, you can pack not only your credit cards but also all discount and loyalty cards, health insurance cards and IDs. Our AVIATOR Wallet can hold up to 20 cards! That's much more than fits in a classic ladies wallet of comparable size!
    • The conventional ladies wallet is usually made of leather or solid fabric. Over time, these fabrics give way, bulge, get dirty and become unsightly. The materials we use are convinced with their durability and always stay in shape. Your cards are in the AVIATOR Wallet first-class protected against deformation and breakage and your wallet is always a real eye-catcher!
    • In contrast to the conventional ladies wallet, the AVIATOR Wallet offers you RFID protection. This means that the data on your cards are protected from data theft. This protection is already integrated in our models made of aluminum and titanium, for the version made of carbon there is an RFID protection card that you can insert into your new ladies slim wallet. 

    Why a Slim Wallet for women?

    Of course, a wallet also offers women THE opportunity to have everything that is needed in everyday life handy, clearly arranged and with little space. Gone are the days when the handbag has to be huge so that the ladies wallet has enough space in it. Your clothes will no longer be bulging and strained when you want to travel fast and with little luggage. All cards and also your cash find their place - sorted and clearly arranged and the best: all in one! Just like your former small ladies wallet, only much smaller, namely in the size of a credit card. 

    This means you don't have to sort out what goes in your clutch in the evening, in your bag during sports and in your jacket or pants pocket when shopping. The Slim Wallet fits into any pocket that can hold credit cards.

    Why are we writing this blog post about ladies purses?

    The small ladies wallet is not the only way you can safely transport your cards and cash. That the slim wallet offers a fantastic alternative to the conventional ladies wallet, we were allowed to explain to you in the text above. 

    Most wallets are still reserved in color and appear rather masculine - we imagine the ladies wallet to be even more refined, with delicate colors for the front and back and your preferred motifs for the optional cash clip. 

    We are looking for your idea, your imagination, your wishes how the Wallet for women should look like. The Wallet that gives you all the benefits that men have been using for a long time, combined with your favorite design.Write your ideas to media@aviatorwallet.com.

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