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  • March 23, 2020 3 min read

    The current situation forces many of us to stay at home. Watching your favourite movies on netflix, doing workouts at home or tidy up properly are only a few things people do as a result of Social Distancing. 

    How about slimming down your wallet too? You might have enough time to do that also. And with using an Aviator Wallet you already took the first big step into the right direction. You decided to live the minimilist lifestyle. You ditched your bulky leather purse and enjoy a lightweight daily life. 

    But there might still be some room for improvement. Some fine grinding to reach perfection. 

    It is time to purify your wallet

    There might be many things in your wallet at the moment which, if you are honest to yourself, you actually don't need and somehow 'misuse' the function of your wallet. Leave the following things at home from now on.


    Old family photos 

    You have probably seen this before, for example in popular movies, and it has somehow become natural. It is almost an old tradition to have a few photos of your loved ones in your wallet. You could bet that no elderly person walks aroung without any photos in their wallet. But when it comes to optimizing your wallet, small steps count. And sorting out these photos should definitly be one of the first steps. 

    But is that alright? Yes, thanks to smartphones. Yours is probably fully packed with quite a few taken family photos, so there is no reason to have a bad conscience when sorting out these little portraits.

    Think about this situation: if someone really asks you for a picture of your child, you will hardly pick a dusty, dented school photo portrait from your wallet. No, you will take out your smartphone and show them pictures from last weekend. Nobody will judge you for not materially carrying pictures of your loved ones in your life. 


    Punch Cards you never use

    Don't get us wrong. These punch cards are great. Many of us might have collected some from a local restaurant or the bakery around the corner. And why not? You will get every tenth croissant, coffee or meal for free. You do not only save money on the long run, but also support the local business.

    However, if you have punch cards from stores located an hour away or you only visit once a month, you should ask yourself if your really need to carry them in your wallet. Leave them at home or throw them away for valuable space in your compartment.


    Replacement key for your house

    Let's say your wallet is stolen. Noboday wants to hope that, nevertheless it happens on our streets daily. As a result the thief not only got your identification, but probably also your adress. If you carry a spare key for your front door, he can also enter your house, perhabs even unnoticed. In addition, a key is probably the heaviest thing you can carry in your wallet. Better take it to a safer place. 

    Though we advertise that keys can be easily and optimally transported in our Cavity card, but however we do not recommend stowing a key for your house in it. Above all, we meant small keys such as for your bike lock or a locker. Nothing that can be tracked through theft.


    Old receipts

    Realistically speaking, it is not necessarily important to carry a lot of paper documents with you unless you have to prove that you just made a purchase or are on the way to exchange a product you recently bought. There are, of course, exceptions for business people and passengers at the airport, where they are often asked to prove the purchase of specific items. 

    On the long run, however, the paper strips should not take up any space in your wallet. We recommend: keep the receipt in your wallet after a purchase until your arrival at home and then sort them out. With the Aviator Wallet you can also seperate bank notes and bills thanks to the integrated cash clip and strap on the back. This is how we facilitate insertion and sorting.


    Safety first: do never carry these thins in your wallet

    • Social security numbers
    • Numerous credit cards
    • Password cheat sheets
    • Excess cash
    • Checkbooks
    • Birth certificates
    • Passports
    • Insurance cards

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