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  • August 11, 2020 3 min read

    More and more people are switching to two-wheelers to get to work. Wether with an electric bicycle, a trekking race bike or a classic singlespeed, the bicycle industry seems to explode especially during the corona pandemic. Riding a bike is kind of the biggest trend of 2020. While taking the bicycle to get to work is completely normal in other countries, it is now enjoying increasing popularity in our country. And there are many different ways of commuting your bicycle to work. Some use it in combination with the train or even use a local bike-sharing provider. A commuting bike should be as versatile and flexible as possible, and so should the gear and stuff you carry und use on your bicycle while commuting.

    ©© Pixabay

    Before telling you what to carry on a bike commute, there are a few aspects your everyday carry should fulfill in order to be chosen to ride with you on your bicycle. One of the most important points is compactness and a light weight. Nobody wants to ride out his bicycle with to much weight in his bags. On a longer ride that reduces the comfort and also the speed you are able to step on the pedals. 

    Also you should think about the fact that the weather can change at any time. It can happen that your morning ride is sunny and warm while your ride home can be rainy and a little colder. The gear you carry should resist every weather condition.  


    Your Personal Items

    © Gadgetrausch

    There are a few things you will always carry while leaving the house. These include your smartphone, your wallet as well as your keys. Your smartphone can not be changed in terms of size and weight. But choose your wallet and your bunch of keys as compact and lightweigt as possible. Also you should consider to carry these items in a dry bag or a waterproofed frame bag on your bicycle to keep your stuff safe from changing weahter conditions.


    Safety First

    © Lumos Helmet

    Safety and protection comes always first when commuting through the urban traffic jungle. Traffic can be crazy, especially in big citys and everybody knows how dangerous it is to master it. Always use a helmet, use light reflectors (on your clothes, bags an bicycle) and switch on your bike lights when it's rainy, hazy or even dark.

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    A Messenger Bag

    © Everyman.co

    The probability that you need to carry a laptop, a notebook and other office accessoires beside food and drinks for the day is pretty high. Therefore you need a bag, and we highly recommend a flexible messenger bag for you daily commute. It should be comfortable while riding your bike and sleek looking when entering the doors to your office. It also should be made out of waterproofed upper materials and zippers while offering enough capacity for your gear and electronic devices. 


    Frame Bags and Saddle Bags

    © Restrap.co.uk

    Frame bags and saddle bags are very useful and can be a real upgrade in terms of style and storage of course. You should always carry a small repair kit including things to fix a flat tire and to tighten up some loose screws. These compact bags usually offer enough space for repair pouches, an extra bicycle tube, multi tools and clothes for bad weather. 

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