Carbon Fiber Slim Wallet | Slide


The AVIATOR Slide Carbon Wallet sets the standard among the Slim Wallets. 

The new pull strap makes it even easier to slide out the cards - never before has access to the right card been so quick. 

The high-quality premium carbon fibre is extremely light and also impresses visually with a three-dimensional checkerboard effect.

The carbon fiber with a matt surface is produced by a manufacturer for racing cars. Rounded outer edges increase the wearing comfort and the coated inner sides prevent the cards from being scratched. 

More about Carbon Fiber

The AVIATOR is handcrafted in our factory in Germany, allowing for outstanding quality and hundreds of possible design options. This level of customization and quality makes the AVIATOR Wallet unrivaled. 

The AVIATOR Wallet comes with a lifetime warranty and is 100% manufactured in Germany.

  • Carbon Fiber Slim Wallet
  • Pull Strap for Quick Access
  • Coin Holder included
  • Elastic Band for Bills
  • Optional Cash Clip 
  • Adjustable for up to 20 Cards
  • Size: 85 x 54 x 5 mm | Weight: 23 g
  • Lifetime Warranty & Free Worldwide Shipping
Cash Clip

The AVIATOR Slide includes a highly elastic band for bills that can be upgraded, adding a cash clip. The cash clip improves the overall look and also makes the handling of banknotes a lot easier.

Cash Clip Options:

  • Carbon Fiber Clip | 1 mm | extremely durable & flexible
Aviator Wallet Slide Carbon Fiber Clip
  • 3D-Printed Clip | 1.5 mm | ductile & durable | Swiss, Canada Design & more

Aviator Wallet Slide 3D Printed Clip
    Coin Holder

    The AVIATOR Slide includes an Acrylic Glass coin holder which makes it a fully-fledged wallet. A cutout on the back of the AVIATOR Wallet allows you to simply slide in and out of the modular compartment.


    Coin Holder Upgrade Options:

    • Slim Aluminum  | 3,4 mm | 10 g | Up to 6 coins 

    Aviator Wallet Slide Carbon Fiber coin holder

    • Double Aluminum | 6,4 mm | 20 g | Up to 12 coins 
    • Slim Carbon Fiber | 3,4 mm | 5 g |  Up to 6 coins

      Inner Frame

      The most unique feature of this wallet is its inner adjustable elastic band and stainless steel bolt design which is built into the frame and lets you dictate just how many cards your wallet can fit. The tough, but flexible band keeps everything together and allows you to carry up to 20 cards at it's maximum setting.

      Inner Frame Options:

      • Acrylic Glass (included) | 3 mm | extremely light | 7g 
      Carbon Fiber Wallet | SLIDE Edition
      • Aluminum Space Frame | 3 mm | ultra smooth card slide | 17g
      Carbon Fiber Wallet | SLIDE Edition

        With the included screwdriver you can always adjust the band to your needs.


        The AVIATOR Carbon Fiber can be made RFID-Safe with a special configuration. To do this, please select the following options above:

        • Coin Holder: Slim or Double Aluminum Coin Holder
        • Inner Frame: Aluminum Space Frame

        With this setup, aluminum will be on both sides of your cards and perfectly protected against RFID. If you need a different setup you can also put a RFID-Blocking Card into the AVIATOR.

        Pull Strap

        The AVIATOR Slide has an elastic pull strap that makes it easy to pull cards out of the wallet. A black strap with a black end is installed as standard.
        A black drawstring with a silver end is additionally available among the accessories. On request, this can be installed in the Aviator. The standard pull strap is included with the order as a replacement strap.

        Pull strap Options:

        • Silver


        • Black 


        Manual & Video: How to Use