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The Carbon Fiber Wallet

Carbon Fiber Wallet

The AVIATOR Carbon Fiber Wallet combines an ultra light carry experience with super strong stiffness. The outer plates are made of real Carbon Fiber in an exclusive matte finish. This high-tech material makes the AVIATOR Wallet extremely robust and virtually indestructible even after years of use.

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Our AVIATOR Carbon Fiber Wallet is light as feather and so compact that it fits in your front pocket. Our invention of dynamic band adjustment, can easily accommodate 1 to 20 cards in the Wallet. And the new pullstrap makes accessing your cards easier than ever.

The integrated compartment can store coins, bills and small items such as keys. The Carbon Fiber Cash Clip completes the exterior perfectly and creates a seamless and classy carbon look.


How we make our Carbon Fiber Wallet

The Carbon Fiber Plates are cut on our Datron Neo, an ultra precise CNC machine with a repeatability accuracy of 23 micron. Due to the extremely high hardness of carbon fiber, we use specially made diamond-coated cutters and spindle speeds of 40.000 RPM with a slow feed rate. This results in smooth edges and a surface that is a pleasure to touch. 

All components are manufactured in Germany. The Carbon Fiber Wallet is handmade after your order and customized to your configuration from over 650 variants.

Why should you carry a Carbon Fiber Wallet?

Carbon Fiber is 5 times stronger than steel, and it has even more extraordinary properties:

  • Very high-tensile strength
  • Ultra-Light
  • Withstand extreme conditions
  • Smooth surface

Read our blog post about Carbon Fiber Wallets and learn all the details about it.


Reasons to buy a Carbon Fiber Wallet from AVIATOR

  • No. 1 Slim Wallet in handling and design
  • Hand built and custom made for your needs
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts made of Carbon Fiber
  • Free wordwide shipping


FAQ about Carbon Fiber Wallets

Has a Carbon Fiber Wallet RFID-Protection?

Yes and No. Carbon fibers can influence and interfere with a signal such as RFID, but this protection is no longer effective against high-powered RFID readers. We recommend for Carbon Fiber Wallets a simple RFID protection card or our RFID-Blocker configuration with aluminum coin holder and inlay.

Will a Carbon Fiber Wallet cut my Jeans?

No. Our Carbon Fiber Wallet has smooth and rounded edges, so it will not damage your Jeans.

How many coins fit into the wallet?

It depends on your currency, you can store up to 8 small coins or 4 large coins. 

What is the weight of the Carbon Fiber Wallet?

The weight for the lightest configuration with acrylic inlay and carbon coin holder is only 24 grams (0,85 oz).

Check out our FAQ Page for more informations.

What our customers say about Aviator Wallet

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