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  • February 08, 2022 5 min read

    Are you always looking for that special and appropriate gift?

    The act of giving a gift and what we actually give influence our relationship with other people. Gifts make people feel valued and appreciated, and some people measure our generosity by the size of our gifts. The ideal gift can bring great joy, or a carelessly bought gift can disappoint or even offend. We often spend a lot of time choosing our gifts and then are still often unsure whether it is really the right one.

    In our blog post, we'll give you five tips on how to make sure you don't go wrong with your gift and why a Minimalist Wallet and especially the AVIATOR Slim Wallet could be the ultimate gift for your friend, partner or colleague.

    Tip 1: Give a sensible and practical gift

    In the search for the absolutely unique gift, we sometimes enthusiastically shop for things that are particularly unusual, but then unfortunately often turn out to be useless on closer inspection. The water pipe from Morocco or the China Bone tea set could easily have overshot the mark, because things that are too special actually have only a limited use for many people if they are not exactly lovers of such specialities. Plastic gadgets may be fun, but they are always reminiscent of toys and junk. Most of the time, they are also not of high quality.

    The recipient may already be asking himself on what occasion he can inconspicuously disappear our gift, give it away again or, oops, drop it. Especially nowadays, when plastic is avoided as much as possible and the ecological footprint should be as small as possible, you are right on trend with a gift of practical use.

    The AVIATOR Slim Wallet is guaranteed to be a useful gift for modern men. Cards for payments, health insurance cards and vouchers are used every day and can be optimally stored in the practical Minimalist Wallet. It also stores banknotes and has space for a few coins.

    Tip 2: Avoid everyday consumer goods

    Who hasn't experienced this? Getting presents has been put off until the last minute. Out of desperation, not having found anything suitable, or because you just can't think of anything, you end up buying grandma's classic gifts: chocolates, coffee, tea, beer or wine. Yawn. Slightly more imaginative, but still really bland, are care products like shower gels and creams or clothes like socks or scarves. Yes, we don't really give anything useless here, but does the recipient really feel valued by our gift and can be happy? The great joy is probably limited.

    Maybe you should rummage around in fancy shops or online shops. If it's still coffee, tea, etc., make sure that it's a special variety from a baristastore or tea shop that you can't buy everywhere. 

    Many fashion magazines often have a gift guide with new gadgets and modern accessories that could be just right for the target person.

    In order to create lasting enthusiasm, the gift can also be a little unusual. Maybe something that can only be bought in certain shops, something rare or something special from a holiday, but also everyday things that have been ingeniously thought up in a new way can become real highlight gifts. 

    Ingeniously developed in a new way was also the goal of the founders of AVIATOR Slim Wallet. To make something completely new out of an everyday object. To make a statement in terms of accessories. That's why, as the ultimate gift, it's something really special, individual and guaranteed to be fun for the recipient to use every day.

    Ultimate and Unique Gift

    Tip 3: Don't give something that has to fit if you don't know the size

    It doesn't matter if it's underwear, jewelry or clothes. It can be really unpleasant for everyone involved if the special item doesn't fit after the initial joy. Of course, most gifts can be exchanged, but on the one hand it's time-consuming and on the other hand you still have a bad feeling that you were wrong about the size. Ask around and be relatively sure about the size if you are giving a custom-made gift, so that the joy of the gift is not spoiled.

    The AVIATOR Wallet in credit card format is guaranteed to fit in the front pocket of anyone's trousers and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of size and lightness. The carbon version is particularly light and makes an excellent gift for athletes and bystanders who don't want to take too much with them on their trips.

    Tip 4: Choose a suitable voucher

    I can't go wrong with a voucher, can I? 

    Yes, a gift voucher is always nice, and it doesn't put us on the slippery slope of unwelcome gifts, but it can be a bit more imaginative, especially if the recipient subtly points out that they haven't redeemed last year's gift voucher yet. It is also embarrassing if the shop no longer exists when the gift voucher is redeemed. 

    If it does turn out to be a voucher, consider the gift recipient's favorite shops, brands of clothes he or she likes to wear or shops where he or she can stock up on sports or hobbies. Maybe there is something they have been wanting to buy for a long time and you can contribute with a gift card.

    The AVIATOR Gift Card is available in our store under Parts and Accessories. It's especially practical if you can't give the gift in person. You send the gift card by email and the recipient can then use it for their individually configured ultimate wallet.

    Tip 5: Consider the importance of certain gifts

    While we're on the subject of black ice or perhaps risqué gifts: if you give a woman a cactus, you shouldn't expect romantic togetherness for that evening. A year's subscription to the gym is also a bit of a challenge and could possibly be taken as criticism. 

    There are gifts that are often associated with certain messages or requests. Therefore, it is worth considering beforehand whether your gift might be misunderstood or, in any case, to choose one with a positive message.

    Perhaps the message behind the AVIATOR Wallet is that the recipient is valuable to you and that is only fitting for us. The Minimalist Wallet is made of absolutely high-quality materials such as aircraft aluminium, carbon and titanium, it is fairly produced in Germany and designed to be a lifelong companion for the person you want to give it to.

    Maybe our blog post will help you find the ultimate gift and save you from disappointed reactions when handing over the present. Gift giving can be really fun, especially when you get it right and find the perfect gift!

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