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  • April 26, 2021 4 min read

    Our wallet is like another part of our own human body. Losing it causes deep pain. It is stressful, expensive, and impractical. You have to have the old cards blocked, apply for new ones and you have to go without them for quite a time. This can affect fear as well as anger. If you're one of those people who misplace their wallets in a controlled manner or can't remember where you left it, it's time to reorganize yourself. With the following tips you will keep a better eye on your wallet and you will recover faster in case of a lost.

    Take organization seriously

    The first step to not losing your wallet again is to organize your life as well as possible. This may sound very general, but it will actually work. It starts with a tidy home, where everything is in the right place and there is a feel-good atmosphere. Don't be afraid to throw away old and unnecessary items in the trash. Not only in your home, but also in your overloaded wallet. If you live an organized life, it is easier for you in your subconscious to index and track everything you have, including your wallet. Make it a habit to always put your valuables in the same place when you come home and don't leave anything to chance.

    Minimalize your everyday carry setup

    Do you have to juggle tons of items every time you leave the house or do you even have go twice to load everything into the car? Then the loss of your wallet is inevitable at some point. The chances of losing it can be minimized by simply carrying less things around with you. In this way, the items that you actually have with you gain in value and you automatically take better care of them. Sort out and just leave unnecessary items at home.

    Run your life on autopilot

    At first glance, this tip sounds a bit like living like a monotonous robot, but it only means saving certain behavior patterns and routines and going through them every day. Examples of this are always putting your valuables in the same place, setting reminders for important appointments or getting up at the same time every day during the week. Everyone has already had the experience of oversleeping and the whole day has gotten out of hand. This happens because our normal routine has been disrupted. Every person automatically adopts daily routines. If you only plan a little in this direction and reflect yourself, you will notice how much more effectively the day can be lived through.

    Keep a hidden stash

    Let's be honest. Most of you will try the tips above in the future to try not to lose your wallet again. But we are all exposed to our fate and at some point it will happen. It is therefore advisable to prepare for this worst-case scenario. This is why you need a backup plan if you lose your wallet despite your best efforts. This starts with building up an emergency supply of cash and hiding it in a safe place. You will have to do without debit and credit cards for a while. Some cash will save you life in this bridging phase. It is also advisable to copy any cards that you usually carry in your wallet. This makes it easier to have them blocked if they are lost and this could also have advantages when re-applying.

    Try a multifunctional phone case

    This tip is especially useful for people who have more than one credit card. It never hurts to switch the status quo with  different gear and everyone has their own setup to help them stay organized. An example of this can be a case for the smartphone, which offers an additional slot for a card and perhaps space for some cash. In the event of losing your wallet, at least you remain liquid and can fall back on something. In addition, it can be practical for some people to carry a smartphone and wallet in one product. The likelihood of losing your smartphone is definitely less than your wallet. Smartphones seem to merge with the hands of the users these days.

    Own a wallet that you actually love

    Even if the contents of your wallet are extremely valuable, you have no incentive to take good care of them if you don't like the product at all. You can't be particularly proud of a boring slim wallet made of cheap materials. So who cares if you lose this worthless piece. If you switch to a high-priced product, made out of the best materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum or titanium with first-class workmanship, you will quickly notice how well you take care of it and never lose sight of this wallet. A product that you really appreciate and admire stays in your head and so in your pocket.

    Use of modern technologies

    If you constantly misplace your wallet or have lost it several times despite all the measures you have taken, you should equip it with a tracker like the Apple AirTag. With our AirTag Holder, the AirTag is securely attached to the Minimalist Wallet. So you don't have to think about it for a long time, but can simply locate the wallet with your smartphone and track it down again in the worst case.


    Losing your wallet is not about bad luck. It is the result of failure to prepare and poor organization. With a few quick fixes and upgrades, you'll be amazed how easy it is to always have your wallet with you and never lose it. Follow these tips, bring your products and technology up to date, and your wallet disappearing will be a thing of the past. Of course, this also works with other valuables.

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