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  • December 01, 2021 3 min read

    Are you still thinking about whether you want to use a slim wallet instead of your wallet in the future?

    Apart from questions regarding the maximum number of cards and the storage of banknotes, you might be wondering where you can store the small change in the future. The answer is already built into your AVIATOR Slim Wallet in the form of a change pocket. 

    In this post, we'll take an in-depth look at this change pocket and give you answers to all your questions.

    AVIATOR Slim Wallet with coin compartment

    What versions of the coin compartment are available?

    There are different change compartments for both the Classic and the Slide version of the AVIATOR Slim Wallet. 

    Coin Compartments

    The slide version has a slim coin compartment and a double coin compartment, which is higher and can therefore hold more coins or other items. In the Classic version, a Regular coin pocket can be selected in addition to the Slim and Double versions. This is slightly higher than the Slim version and has the advantage that particularly thick coins, such as British pounds, can easily be stored in it.Slim Wallet Compartment

    What material is the coin compartment made of?

    While the double coin compartment is made of aluminum in both versions, there are three materials to choose from in the Slim version for the Slide models.

    In addition to aluminum, carbon and acrylic glass are also available. In the Classic version, you can choose between aluminum and carbon. 

    The advantages of the individual materials result from their properties. 

    Acrylic glass is used as standard in the Slide model. The acrylic change compartment is resistant and can be slid in and out of the wallet easily. 

    Aluminum is somewhat heavier than carbon and acrylic glass, but very robust and durable. External influences such as water, dirt and heat cannot harm the metal. It looks very high-quality with the aluminum plates and underlines the metal character of a real metal wallet. 

    Carbon, the high-tech material of the future, has many positive properties, as you can read in our blog post about carbon. It is extremely light and, thanks to its special construction, extremely resilient. Last but not least, carbon impresses with its visually unique structure.

    Slim Wallet with coin compartment

    How big is the coin compartment?

    As already mentioned, there are coin compartments for the Slide as well as for the Classic version. Due to their different shapes, the dimensions of these compartments are also different.

    Coin compartment for minimalist Wallet

    What can fit in the coin compartment?

    Small change

    Depending on the coin compartment, up to eight coins can be stored in the Slim coin compartment and up to 12 coins in the Double coin compartment. Most international coins, except for English pounds fit in the Slim coin compartment.


    As a rule, a key can easily be stored in the Coin compartment, unless it is a special size. You can check the inside dimensions to see if your key will fit in the AVIATOR Coin compartment.

    SD cards, USB flash drive, Apple Airtag, and other items

    SD cards, tablet blisters, and even slim USB sticks can be easily accommodated in the Coin compartment. The Apple Airtag does not fit in the coin compartment. 

    Helpful tips to reduce the rattling in the coin compartment

    To dampen the rattling, the inside of the coin compartment is covered with velour. However, it can still happen that the coins rattle unpleasantly in the coin compartment when the slim wallet is moved. This is especially true if you only store a few coins or very small changes in the coin compartment.

    One possibility is to store only larger coins in the Coin compartment and put the very small coins in your trouser pocket, for example. It also rattles less if the coin compartment is always well filled because then the coins cannot be moved back and forth much.

    With a little trick, however, the rattling can be stopped even with a few or small coins. A folded banknote stowed under the coins in the coin compartment keeps the coins in place and you always have a little emergency money with you. 

    Anti rattle insert


    Are the AVIATOR Slide models also available without a coin compartment?

    At the moment, the AVIATOR Slide Slim Wallet is only available with an integrated coin compartment. Soon, however, there will be a Minimalist Slim Wallet without an integrated Coin compartment.

    We hope to be able to help you with this blog post and answer all your questions. If not, just drop us a line! We will be happy to help you.


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