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  • September 12, 2021 5 min read

     Are you thinking about whether a slim wallet suits you and your everyday needs? Maybe you've already decided that you want a slim wallet, but you're still thinking about the material. If so, this blog post might help you get a little closer to making your decision.

    Basically, it obviously makes a big difference whether you carry a small slim wallet or a thick bulging leather wallet. But how does a metal wallet hold up compared to other slim wallets made of leather or other materials like wood or carbon?



    Lighter and easier to carry

    Unlike leather wallets, slim wallets are generally much lighter and, because of their size, can be easily stowed in your front trouser pocket. This means that you have much less to carry around in your everyday life, your trouser pocket doesn't bulge out unattractively and back pain caused by sitting on the wallet is prevented. If you want to know more about this topic, you can also read our blog post Can bulky wallets cause back pain.


    More security and RFID protection

      Wearing your slim wallet on the front of your body is also a much better way to protect it from theft when you're out shopping or at events. In the back, it can easily be pulled out of your trouser pocket or dropped. If you carry it at the front, it is very unlikely that a theft or loss will go unnoticed.

      In addition, there is a danger lurking more and more that we do not see and therefore often only notice when it is too late. The reading of cards via special devices, the theft of data. A metal wallet in particular offers better protection than slim wallets made of leather, carbon or plastic. The metal prevents cards from being read. Alternatively, for other slim wallets that do not offer this protection, there are RFID protection cards that also prevent data theft. In the classic wallet, an RFID card does not provide 100% protection because the cards are usually not directly on top of each other. Our blogposts provide even more background knowledge on the topic of protection against loss, theft and RFID protection.


      Greater durability and longevity

        That metal lasts longer than leather or wood is undeniable. No seams to come undone, almost no material fatigue and the metal still looks good even after years of use relative to leather or wood. Components that wear out can be repurchased from some metal wallet manufacturers. Therefore, the Slim Wallet made of metal also beats its competitors in terms of sustainability.

        The situation is similar when it comes to robustness. A spilled water or beer cannot harm the metal, while permanent damage to the material is to be expected with a wallet made of leather, wood or fabric.

        If the metal wallet is exposed to heavy use and is kept in the trouser pocket with keys and smartphone, scratches and scratches can certainly occur. However, this is not to be expected with a wallet made of leather or any other material.


        Smart handling and fast card access

          When it comes to how quickly you can access your cards in the wallet, the metal wallet, like all slim wallets, is clearly ahead. Unlike a conventional wallet, access to the cards is usually very easy and simple to achieve. The cards can be clearly arranged for quick access.


          Plus point: hygiene

            Sometimes you would probably rather not know what bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are cavorting in your trouser pocket, on tables and on your hands. The fact that they do is certain, and that they can sometimes be problematic for our health is no longer a secret, at the latest after flu and Corona. Leather and wood can only be cleaned to a limited extent, while a metal wallet can be wiped clean and even disinfected. In terms of durability, you not only have a wallet that lasts a long time, but also one that you can put on the dining table with a clear conscience even after years of use. More information about hygiene and cleaning is available in our blog.


            Stylish and WOW effect included

              Is it important to you that your every-day carry accessories accentuate your appearance and, like presumably your clothing style, are not randomly chosen? A slim wallet, whether it's made of metal, wood, plastic or leather, can perhaps be seen as the equivalent of a woman's handbag. It emphasises good taste and individualises your appearance. Besides, some Slim Wallets are real eye-catchers that can inspire.



              When tested for everyday suitability, some counterpoints also stand out that speak against a slim wallet in general and against metal wallets in particular.


              Handling needs a little practice

                Access to the cards is usually easy and smart with a slim wallet, but you may need a little practice at first to slide the cards out and fan them out. Certain manufacturers of slim wallets have now found good solutions to make access even easier.


                Limited storage of small change

                  Since a slim wallet is supposed to be small and narrow, the storage of coins is limited or even impossible. Many manufacturers now offer change compartments or these are already integrated into the slim wallet. These can be inserted into the slim wallet and usually hold 5 - 12 coins. This is not a satisfactory amount for coin collectors, but you might just switch most of your payments to cards. If you don't need the change, you can also put a key, SD card or slim USB stick here.


                  Metal can cause material damage

                    Since you may also be one of those people who keep their wallet in their trouser pocket together with their smartphone and keys, scratches on the smartphone are possible, which can be caused by the wallet made of metal. This is usually less of a problem with other materials.

                    Due to the harder material, metal wallets usually have sharper edges and corners, which can cause holes in your trouser pockets if you use them for a longer period of time.



                    Maybe now you realise that you want to stick with your old leather wallet after all. In summary, there are good reasons to choose a metal wallet or, after weighing up the pros and cons, to consider a slim wallet made of another material. Carbon in particular has excellent properties compared to other materials, which make it an interesting material for slim wallets. Read more about this in our blog post on the topic of carbon wallets.

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