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The requirements for a slim wallet can be very different: it should be light and easy to handle or it should fit many cards. For some it is more important that the wallet is robust, for others it is more important that it looks classy and is chic.

Like no other wallet, the smart Aviator Slide Slim Wallet offers many possibilities to configure your individual metal, carbon or titanium wallet according to your own wishes.

In this blog post, we give you the ultimate insight into the inner workings of the Aviator Wallet and an overview of the various options available. We will also show you which configuration might best suit certain requirements.

1. The outer shell

The Aviator Wallet offers the greatest choice already in the selection of the outer shell. Besides the light and distinctive (characteristic) carbon, you can choose between the extremely hard and indestructible titanium model or the classic and versatile aluminium version in various colours and finishes. Individualists can optionally choose a closed aluminium cover plate. If at some point you no longer like your wallet, it is possible to request and order replacement plates in other colours from the online store.


2. The inlay

The inlay is where the drawstring with bolts is attached, which holds your Slim Wallet together and is also visible in the side view of the wallet. Depending on your wishes, you can choose between the standard acrylic glass in black or a metal inlay. The metal inlay can be either the light but strong aluminium inlay in black or the extremely strong high class titanium grade 1 inlay in silver.



3. The coin compartment

Whether coins, keys, SD cards, medicines or notes are to be stored invisibly, the coin compartment offers a wide range of possibilities. If you need a lot of space, you might be well advised to use a Coin Compartment Double, which can hold up to 14 coins. Basically, you can choose one of the three materials already presented: Acrylic (standard), Aluminium or Carbon.


4. The cash clip

A real eye-catcher is the cash clip on the back of the wallet, which also makes it easier to remove notes. Here you have the choice between a 3D print clip, which is available with different motifs, or a carbon clip with the classic Aviator emblem. The plastic clip is new and has a similar structure to the carbon clip and also bears the Aviator emblem.


5. The card adjustment via the drawstring

To start with, the Aviator offers adjustment possibilities like no other slim wallet. Especially people who like to carry a lot of cards benefit from the maximum setting of up to 20 cards. If you only need a few cards, set your wallet to 1 - 3 cards. However, this setting can be adjusted to a flexible number of cards at any time using the screwdriver provided.


6. The screws

When you buy your Aviator, it comes with black lacquered stainless steel screws. If you want to give your Slim Wallet a special and unique look, you have the option of choosing titanium screws (anodised in blue or gold), provided your wallet has an aluminium or titanium inlay. The titanium screws cannot be screwed into an acrylic inlay.


The configuration options

This overview of the individual components shows you the versatile possibilities that the Aviator Slim Wallet offers. If you have a hard time deciding, our configuration suggestions might give you the impulse to find the right wallet for you.

Light and sporty – the Superb Carbon Wallet

With its characteristic structure, the Carbon Wallet is immediately recognised as such and stands out from other wallets in the suggested configuration due to its extremely light weight of only 45 grams. Especially for athletes, but also for minimalists, this wallet is very suitable.


Outer shell:
Carbon Fiber

acrylic glass

Coin compartment:
Carbon Fiber

stainless steel or titanium (gold or blue) available as an accessory

Resistant and robust - the High Class Titan Wallet

Harder than steel and made to last forever, the Titan Wallet impresses with its indestructibility and durability. Due to its purity, complex production and processing, the titanium wallet is not an inexpensive investment. But when you consider that the wallet will be your lifelong companion, the high price of the purchase becomes relative. Especially lovers of the extraordinary metal and people who demand the highest load from their wallet are well advised to buy this wallet.



Outer shell:

titanium or aluminium

Coin compartment:

stainless steel (black) or available as an accessory titanium (gold or blue)

Stylish and versatile - the Premium Aluminium Wallet

This wallet is characterised by its light weight and high resilience. Thanks to its ability to be easily machined, it offers the greatest variance in surface and colour. The special surface treatment makes it possible to give it a shiny, matt or brushed look, which makes it extremely versatile.

Whether elegant and chic in black metallic or more robust in brushed silver, the Premium Aluminium Wallet is a real eye-catcher in any case.

Outer shell
Aluminium Wallet in Obsidian, Pure Black, Sea Blue, Black Metallic, Brushed Silver or Red in the Swiss Edition

Acrylic glass or aluminium

Coin compartment
Acrylic glass or aluminium

Stainless steel (black) or titanium (gold or blue) for the aluminium inlay (available as an accessory)


The decision

Maybe our overview could help you decide which wallet to choose. No matter which wallet you decide on, you will always make a good choice, because the Aviator Slim wallets are all characterised by their high quality and easy handling.

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